Why i want to be a business management

. I am particularly interested in this course because I believe it will give me an opportunity to watch my ambitions and dreams come to reality. Currently, I am studying business studies at college and I believe that this will give me fundamental knowledge that will be of great help on my enrolment for a degree course in business management. I believe that pursuing this course will give me the chance to sharpen these skills further and increase my knowledge in business management.

Moreover, some of my hobbies including traveling and reading magazines especially business-related ones help me explore diverse business ventures, boost my interest in business management in addition to keeping me up to date with current affairs in the business world. I have no misgivings that this exposure to the field of business will greatly influence my performance in my degree course.

My request for a chance to pursue business management is based on my passion to delve into the world of business where I aspire to own and manage my own business. I am looking forward to excelling in my degree program and thereafter pursue a Masters degree in business management. My willingness to learn together with my open mind, determination, attention to details as well as my strong will to deliver quality and relevant results will be important assets as I study. With the training and support that I will get from my tutors, I will certainly perform well. I kindly hope that you will consider my application and give me the opportunity to do what I love doing most: serving humanity as a business manager.