What i think about gay marriage

When it comes togay marriageam fine with it because everybody has equal rights in Georgia. Think with people not being able to marry their same sex is taking their equal rights away from them. That is not fair for their equal rights to be taken away because they like what they like. Yeah, you might not like gay marriage together but me on the other hand as long as they are happy with their life and getting treated the way they should then why does it matter what everybody else thinks. I look at it if you are happy with who you are with you, should be able to marry them no matter what.

Even if they are the same ex as you. Just because you do not want gays to get married in Georgia does not mean you have to take their rights from them that is wrong on so many levels. ” Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found afamily. ” ” They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution. ” Taking away their equal rights is not fair for them just because you do not want gay marriage to be legalized. Some people say gay marriage is bad for you.

You cannot help who you like or if you like the same ex as yourself. It is just a feeling you get when you are with that person. I have a couple of gay friends and they have told me that it was just a feeling they got when they see that guy they are now head over heels for. Of course, they tried to go back to liking their opposite sex but they never could because they said ” l am not as happy as I was when was with him or I get treated better with him. ” When it comes right down to people cannot really control who they like.

Some people just get those feelings and they cannot control the feeling they get. That is just making the homosexuals suffer because the linings they get from the same sex as them. I just think if you love the person and that is who you want to be with, why does it matters what color or if they are the same sex as you. Feelings play a big part in your life and if you are not carefully you can just hurt yourself in the long run. I bet gays in this world we live in are probably wishing dang I wish could control my feelings, so I will not have to struggle getting gay marriage legalized.

You should be able to go out and get married and express your feelings with your love ones without having to have a debate with someone. One of the major excuses we have n Georgia is people not being able to express themselves or who they like without being judged for it. I think it is bad people do not feel comfortable going out in public with their loved one that is the same sex as them because they feel like people will judge them and think of them differently. Yeah currently at this time if you go out with the same sex in public you will get judged for it and get called ugly names.

Maybe if they would legalize gay marriage in Georgia then they would actually feel comfortable going out in public. Being able to express yourself and love who you love in Georgia would aka gays life a little easier. I am sure not every person agrees with gay marriage but the people that do not agree with it do not know what they are putting the homosexuals through because they do not want it legalized in Georgia. That would be like telling a man no you cannot marry that women even if you love her so much. How would that make you feel?

I am almost 100 percent that you would not like that. Then why would you make the gays suffer and not be able to express themselves like you and the women you loved. Gay marriage should be legalized in the State of Georgia. Everybody would be able to express themselves without being judge. The biggest thing that kills me right not with gay marriage being illegal is that you are talking away their equal rights from them. Legalizing gay marriage would just make everybody life easier and be able to express themselves however they choose to do so. Kook as gay marriage the same as marriage beside the fact you are dating the same sex, they are both happy and love each other so why does it even matter. My main thing is why make someone else unhappy because you do not believe in gay marriage just suck it up because they have struggled ay more than what you have because they are trying to fight for what they love and you are taking that from them. Gay marriage is just another thing in Georgia that needs to be legalized and will pretty soon be legalized believe.