What are some of the ways of creating a hybrid system of education essay samples

Response 1

It is evident that the current education system is mainly designed to fail some students as others proceed. From the above premise, therefore, the system mainly focuses on elimination but not in the inculcation of ideologies that are applicable in a real world problem. My experience is the same as that of the author since after going through the system there are still many life issues that have no direct link to what I learned in the school. However, it is worth noting that not all what I learnt in school is useless. The degree of applicability varies. For example, I learnt basic mathematics that I apply daily in many fields. Without learning the mathematics, perhaps I would not be able to solve simple arithmetic problems. The main problem arises if the bulk of what I leaned is forgotten since the school system focuses on the examinations.


Is all what you learned din school of no benefit to you?
Response 2
The school system teaches norms and conformity in that one is given some specific rules to follow and passing tests is by the degree of replicating the same. This is what I have been and still is going through while schooling. It is imperative that children are born without norms and understanding and it’s the responsibility of the society to ensure that the learners gain them. These norms are the foundations upon which one can base future endeavors and boast creativity. Creativity has to have a particular basis and this is what one gets from school. The challenge is over emphasis on the norms. When I have the freedom to do an assignment, I tend to do it best. My passion is freely explored if I am not limited to follow specific rules. Following the rules limits me from making and learning from mistakes since the mistakes are limited to not following the procedures/rules.