Week two supervision homework

Satisfied employees, however, refers to a feeling when they have completed a job or something that feels that they have done their job well. Either side of the argument will somehow makemoney, promotion and/or will get benefits. They’re closely related that job satisfaction can be amotivationand/or they do it for the money, promotion and/or benefits but their satisfaction will come naturally. 2. Briefly discuss several specific actions that supervisors can take to improve employee motivation. No matter how big or small the company, motivating the team is really important to business.

When people lose their motivation can create less productive, less of an asset to the business. Either way, employees’ motivation will affect the overall success in a company. Praising them when they’re doing well is probably the most common and most effective as a motivation factor. Providing opportunities for growth such as adding responsibilities or challenges. 3. Explain why many managers frequently raise the following questions: ” Why didn’t you do what I told you to do? ” Managers have higher position than the employees being managed.

Therefore, they have the privilege to make decisions and to say something like ” Why didn’t you do what I told you to do? ” They are more experience and probably have theeducationto uphold the position. Since they are more experience and probably been there longer than the employees, they have gotten use to the methods they have been using. Some just don’t have the time to change the nature in workplace, why change something that is not broken. Or maybe because some managers has a superiority complex and thinks that the way he wants something done is the best way. 4.

Discuss the following statement: Meanings are in people, not in words. This can be explained in a lot of ways butI believethat Meanings is a personal preference. Just like the bible, it can be interpreted differently from other religion andcultureeven though the words are exactly the same. Don’t assume people know what you mean when you tell them something. The meaning is something that will depend on their own experiences, what was learnt by others. People is what gives words meaning.. Hopefully that made any sense but this is how I believe it can actually interpreted.