Was john brown a “terrorist”? book review example

John Brown was hailed and equally condemned by Americans when he lived. The White American abolitionist, who valiantly took arms to free the Black Americans from slavery and commanded forces in the 1856 conflicts in Kansas to kill slavery supporters, though found guilty and hanged to death on 2 December 1859, inspired the beginning of the civil war a year later to free the Black Americans. Plain, simple and not much educated, to the core Brown was a human being and opposed discrimination on the basis of skin color. He was an ordinary human being who believed that the Negros deserved to be treated on par with the white Americans. Brown was a true Christian who believed that his Black neighbor needed to be treated well and loved by fellow White Americans, and tried to ensure it by fighting slavery. Hence, John Brown cannot be a called a terrorist; instead, he deserves to be called the Angel sent by God to teach the White Americans to show love and respect to fellow Black Americans.
Even though Brown was criticized for his egotism and religious fanaticism to justify his action against slavery supporters, his action played a key role in freeing the slaves and letting them live a dignified life as echoed by many prominent Americans. His terrorist act is quite justified since it was done from the angle of fighting the slave-keepers to set free millions of Black Americans. Henry David Thoreau, the popular American Philosopher rightly approves the act of Brown when he compared John Brown’s death on the gallows with that of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It was the death of Brown that ultimately made the Americans realize the seriousness of the crime of slavery. Hence, Brown, who is a War Hero, richly deserves the laurels including, the one hailing him as “ Angel of Light” by well known American reformers.