Vision: personality psychology and introvert sensing feeling assignment

Personal Development Plan – Setting Your Vision (Milestone One) Student Name: Date: With the self-assessment tests I have found out a lot about myself as a person. I never knew that there were tests to determine what type of personality you are or what your Locus of Control Is. In taking the Jung Typology Test I did learn that my personality type is ISP, Introvert Sensing Feeling Perceiving. In reading the description for each term this actually suits me perfectly. I learned that I am not anti- social, I enjoy being around people I Just enjoy my alone time more.

I do feel more refreshed when I have a day where it’s Just me with my thoughts. I think with this assessment It helps me understand who I am as a person and how I treat others. I also learned that I am too sensitive but I keep It to myself. The results for How Productive am l, took me by surprise. It stated that I am on the right track to being very productive I Just need to use certain techniques and resources to become more efficient. The reason I am surprised is because I am a much disorganized person and I admit I am a huge procrastinator. Those two personality traits are my biggest weakness.

I would think that in order to be a productive person being organized and handing work In on time would be a huge factor. I do hand work In on time I Just cut It down to the wire. Now that I know I have the potential to be more productive I will certainly look for ways in which I can make it happen. Locus of Control describes the degree to which a person perceives that an outcome is a result of their own behavior or from forces outside of their control. There is External Locus of Control in which one lives outcomes are determined by outside forces and Internal Locus of Control in which one believes outcomes are within your control.

My Locus of Control was moderate. I am a firm believer that I am the master of my own destiny, The choices I make will affect my future. I can control at least 90% of what happens to me. There are some small situations where I cannot control the outcome. I cannot control the weather and I cannot control other people’s actions… Only they have that power. Only I have the power to determine what I do with my life, how people see me, how much effort I put into my work and how I will benefit from the rewards. All of this is easier said than done.

We all have a small part of ourselves that wants to put the blame on others for certain things that happen. It’s human nature. Between being a total burnout and my stress level I’m surprised I’m still functioning. I learned too late that where I was, was not a healthy place to be. I was feeling all the symptoms of being burnt out. I was always tired, I was going into a deep depression, I felt hopeless at work like I lost all my skills and was a complete dummy. I cried going into work and my hair was falling out.

My body was in so much pain from all the stress and I Just felt that It was my fault because I couldn’t hack It. Eve been doing customer service a few months later I enrolled in school and now here I am. Far less stressed and looking hopeful for the future. What this is all helping me see is that I need to take better control of my destiny. I need to accept who I am as a person and not worry about how others see me. I am hoping to gain a better understanding of how to cope tit stress and notice the signs of burn out before I actually crack.

With pretty much everyone in my family having medical issues its put on me to hold everything together. To make sure everyone is taken care of. The problem is I’m not taking care of myself. People say I should see a therapist, and I say there is no point to seeing a therapist. A therapist is not going to fix my problems. So after my burnout I decided k let’s give it a try and honestly I was right. Verbalizing my problems to a stranger did not help, the only thing I learned was that I rebel against change. That’s it. I know there is so much I can learn.

In taking these self-assessments, they have opened my eyes to what I need to do to realize my goals. If I want to be in Human Resources it’s important that I learn how to express my emotions properly and not hold them in, I need to learn to speak to people and not worry about sounding stupid. I need to build my self-confidence. I need to feel respected. I need to feel like I am contributing something important to my family and my employer. These are the first steps to building a lasting career and being a stronger person.