Valentines day party ideas

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By Janienne Jennrich on Jan 20, 2011 Share Login to post a comment Looking for ideas for a a teen or high school Valentine’s Day dance or party? Valentine’s Day is February 14. What a terrific time for a special indoor event to celebratefriendshipand love! Whether you are interested in planning a large semi-formal or formal dance or a more intimate teen event, there are many ways to create a unique atmosphere with Valentine’s Day theme suggestions along with decorating, food, and activity ideas. Should the Teen Event Have a Theme?

A large event will often have a theme to pull together all the decorating, activities and so on. Having an overall color scheme and style, at least, can help bring plans into focus. For smaller casual parties at home, simply announcing the event date and providing good food andmusicmay be plenty. The most obvious and simple Valentine decor theme is, of course, hearts. A heart-filled party or dance room is easy to create on the cheap, using paper or foam board decorations (and maybe lots of red glitter) and some red, pink and white balloons.

Valentine party goods are readily available at party shops, online, and even at dollar stores. Hearts are sweet and simple, but you may be looking for something more unique. A Royalty Themed Valentine Event for Teenagers Prince William and his bride were married in a royal wedding in 2011. For an over the top and epic party, pull out all the stops and make attendees feel like royalty! Invite princes and princesses to wear their finest to a Royal Valentine Ball. A little corny? Maybe. But if you can’t have some fairy tale fun around Valentine’s Day, when can you?

Invitations rolled up like royal scrolls and tied with ribbon are charming for hand-delivering to friends. For a large school or community event, a scroll design can be included as a border on printed fliers or posters. Add calligraphy or use a fancy computer font to play up the image of a royal event. Consider including: * A long red carpet leading into the ball room (check party rental suppliers) * Ballot boxes for voting for ” Sweetest Princess,” ” Most Dashing Prince,” ” Most Fairytale-Like,” and ” Most Romantic Couple. Award winners with party crowns. * A rose-covered arch or another pretty background forphotoopportunities * Lots of sparkle in decorations, party favors, and lighting * Fun and fancy gold-trimmed signs on restroom doors, such as ” Princess’s Throne Room” and ” Prince’s Throne Room” * A real horse and carriage (preferably white) to take couples on romantic rides around the party area * Make a simple heart-shaped ice sculpture using a ice mold (sold on Amazon or in party supply stores).

Display the ice sculpture among flowers as a main centerpiece. Depending on the location, budget and number of teenagers attending the royal event, food and drinks can be simple or extravagant. Ice water and heart-shaped cookies are very nice for a lower-budget event. Ifmoneyis less of an issue, fill dessert tables with lovely and romantic treats like pretty chocolates and mini Valentine cupcakes. To add a bit of elegance and romance, line food platters with roses and/or add single roses in slim glass vases to the serving table.

Offer sparkling cider or an elegant party punch to drink. If you get stuck for idea, watch the ballroom scene of the movie Cinderella (and maybe you’ll end up having a Cinderella themed party! ) Hugs and Kisses Theme – XOXO Valentine Party for Teens XOXO means hugs and kisses and works as an elegant or casual Valentine’s dance theme. Hugs and kisses can be those of friendship, so this party theme need not be too mushy (unless mushy is what you want! ). Consider including: A photo spot with props like big huggable teddy bears, giant lips, big hearts and X’s and O’s * X and O shaped confetti sprinkled on tables * Small tic-tac-toe games printed on red paper (Get it? Tic- tac-toe = X and O? ) * Big X and O shapes, drawn with washable sidewalk chalk, on a concrete walkway, porch, or curb area to welcome guests * Hershey’s chocolate Kisses and Hugs candies (with a sign that says ” Get your Hugs and Kisses Here! “) X and O letter shapes are easy to make, so there’s no need to be especially artistic to make great decorations.

Scrapbook and craft stores may carry large foam, wood, or cardboard shapes to use in party decor. Party colors for this theme could be pink and white, red and white, black and white, black and silver or a combo of any other of these or other colors. Or who says you can’t have a neon green and purple Valentine dance? Not me! Take this theme and run with the ideas for an awesome event all your own! More Fun Valentine Dance or Party Activities These ideas can be used at any Valentines dance, whether or not there is a theme. Flood the dance floor with balloons. With lots of balloons scattered all over the floor, spontaneous bopping and fun balloon fights will happen. * Set up a table where guests fill out kids valentines & ” address” tiny envelopes. Include lots of cheap valentine cards with popular characters like Scooby-Doo, Hello Kitty and Snoopy. Make sure there are some fun stickers (which often come with valentines) and plenty of pens. Teens can write on the cards and give them to each other at the event.

Listen for the laughs as stickers get stuck to guests cheeks, noses and clothes. * For other teen Valentines ideas, see Valentine Craft Making Party or Valentine Tea Party. Find even more Valentine ideas at We Love Valentines. Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14, so mark your calendar and get planning!