Thesis proposal for developing competitive e-commerce

The objective of this project will be to achieve a thorough understanding of what is essential for developing a competitive e-commerce site then apply that understanding by means of an example. There are several reasons why I am proposing the subject of developing competitive e-commerce web sites as a thesis project. First, I feel that developing an e-commerce web site will provide a challenging opportunity. Having a challenging project to work on will help to maintain my interest.

Second, the project will present an opportunity to enhance my job skills. The Internet has revolutionized how organizations make their products and services available to consumers. Many organizations presently utilize or plan on utilizing the Internet as a medium for selling their products and revises. To maintain a competitive edge, organizations must seek out skilled individuals who can develop and maintain successful e-commerce applications. I believe having these kinds of credentials will enhance my marketability to potential employers.

Finally, I am interested in learning more about the ” e-commerce evolution” that Is impacting many peoples’ lives. E-commerce or electronic commerce generally refers to commercial applications that utilize computers and the internet. With careful planning, an e-commerce business can grow and Its profits can increase. However, not all e-commerce offerings are successful. You must have a product or service that consumers will demand. If there is a limited Interest in the product or service, the e-commerce endeavor is likely to fall.

There are many aspects to developing a competitive web business besides Establishing your online identity Building a user-friendly application Setting up your web server or selecting an ISP to host your site Ensuring your web business is reliable Managing a variety of payment methods Promoting your web site This project will consist of identifying and applying those aspects to the development f a successful e-commerce site. Building a competitive e-commerce application will present an opportunity to exhibit those characteristics uncovered during the research part of this project.

An e-commerce grocery store application will be developed as part of this project. The system will allow consumers to select grocery store items to purchase, search for specific types of products, verify their selections for purchase from an itemized list, authorize credit card payment information and indicate whether the purchased items are to be picked up or delivered. This type of application is ideal for demonstrating many aspects that are found in successful e-commerce web sites we often encounter.

The project will also enable me to apply what I have learned throughout the course of the Software Engineering graduate program. The web based grocery store application will be developed utilizing software and hardware which are available from the university. The system will require both client and server side programming. The application will be developed utilizing JAVA, HTML and Postprocessor. The functional and non-functional characteristics of the system will e specified in a Software Requirements Specifications document.

This project appears to be an extremely challenging and time consuming process but is one I wish to undertake. Many businesses have a need for individuals who can develop and maintain e-commerce applications. My goal is to develop e-commerce skills and make myself more valuable on the Job market. This project presents a chance to pursue that goal. The project also allows me to demonstrate the skills that I have developed throughout the course of the Software Engineering program and develop a thorough understanding of e-commerce.