Theft at whiteshell lake

The paper ” Theft at Whiteshell Lake” is an exceptional example of a case study on social science. An unfortunate incident of theft has taken place on the way to visiting the power generating station construction site beside the Mooswa river, 27 km to the north of Freehampton. The office van in which we were traveling was smashed by the thieves and the money and equipment have been stolen from inside the van. It is requested to provide us with a replacement video camera required for capturing the construction progress that is to be presented in the Director’s meeting on the 22nd of next month.
This has reference to the official trip authorized by the company with Travel Order No. N-704 dated one week back. We stopped at night in the Towpath Inn Motel beside the Whiteshell Lake when the theft incident took place. The information is being passed from the motel in which we put up as it is very early morning and the office could not be contacted over the phone.
During this unfortunate incident of theft, our office van with license no. 7AB38MP was smashed. The video-camera that has been stolen was a Nabuchi TX380 Portacam (Sr. No. 21784B) and was taken on rent. Along with these, the videotape to be used for editing and $8 kept in the van for parking has also been stolen.
Outcome and action
Before we leave this spot, the police station in Clearwater village would be reported on this theft incident that has taken place on the outskirts of Whiteshell Lake. The replacement camera is requested to be shipped a day after tomorrow which would be collected by me from the Freehampton bus-stop (Mort 48).