The internet piracy

The Pirate Bay -Case Study1. How does The Pirate Bay business makemoney? What is its business model? – The Pirate business makes their money by advertising using the “ advertising revenue” as a business model. It’s a website works as a forum to advertise and receives fees from the advertiser. The more browsers the website has, the higher rates of the websites will charge and that’s what lead them to increase their revenue. 2. How do new “ cloud-based” media sites and services make money? What is their business model? * It works through subscription fees by using the “ subscription revenue” as business model.

By this the website provides all content or services to their users to exchange for a subscription fee. The users will pay a fee based on what kind of service they want and for how long. 3. Is the record industry justified in attempting to shut down P2P file-sharing sites that make it possible to download copyrighted media? Why or why not? * Yes it is, since there are millions of dollars spent by record labels to produce albums and not to include the artist’s time and effort into creatingmusic’s and movies for the audience.

In my opinion, CD’s, DVD’s can be bit pricy during such difficult economic times, but it will not give people the right to steal. 4. Why might consumers prefer to pay for music from cloud-based sites rather than simply download music from P2P sites? * Because, they get benefits if having instant access of high quality track and videos without the hassle of P2P software download. The consumers don’t have to wait for hours for downloads or clutter their hard drives with file.