The india we want

In United States there is a term called the ‘GreatAmerican Dream’. Historian James Tortuous Adams defines it as ‘life should be richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to their ability or achievement. ” We for sure do not want to copy this term but according to me the ‘Great Indian Dream’ would be defined as ‘Everyone should be ranked according to ability, strive for innovation and invention, be happy and content but at the same time work for the progress of the country.

India is a great country with a great potential. Its sheer massiveness has given it a big advantage in front of other countries that face a problem of human labor and area. It is truly said that ‘The citizen is the true treasure of the country. ‘ If the power of these citizens is put to good use there is no doubt that India can overcome all the problems it faces. Yes, India faces a number of problems and yes many of the effects are seen on the common people who form the major population of the country. However, imagine if these common people only come together, what mind of change they can bring.

A large population of India is in its youth years andI believethat if the youth of the country begin to think over the current issues, find solutions and lead other people we will very soon be able to see the perfect India we picture in our minds. We can live to see the next generation happy and contented, we can live to see the ” India we want! ” While everyone will have their personalized perception of a happy India, the generalized ideas are the same In the India of ourdreams; we can clearly visualize a lace where there is nopovertyand sorrow.

Although this dream can be made true through a lot ofhard workand dedication let us talk from a more realistic point of view. In the perfect India we would all want the name and fame we deserve. We all see that sons and daughters of famous, rich businessmen get all the luxuries and fame Just because of theirfamilybackground. A student who deserves his place in a good, reputed college might lose his seat to a less deserving but rich student. This needs to change and that will only happen when we change our mindsets.

Accumulation ofmoneyis necessary but only to a certain limit. So in the India of our dreams we would definitely like to be Judged on the basis of our ability and not on our father’s bank balance. When we talk about a perfect India we cannot forget our oldest enemy- corruption. Ask anyone about the one thing that has slowed down Indian’s progress and you are mostly likely to hear corruption. We Indians have a bad habit of blaming others. It is the same with corruption. We have now become so habituated to blame corruption as the root cause of all the miseries in our lives.

Although it is true that we have corrupt politicians, it is we who elect them. If we get the opportunity to study and keep ourselves updated with the politics or rather the Government’s policies we can question them as well as reform unjust policies. Educationwill also form capable candidates for various Jobs. Education will help us question everything we have to blindly follow from the age old customs to the unnecessary paperwork. I believe that education and the values of a person are the only tools which can eradicate corruption.