The best form of public spending

The Best Form of Public Spending
The world has various challenges calling for sober decisions to handle and solve them efficiently. From insecurity, poverty, environmental degradation, dwindling quantity of resources, increased population, unemployment and soaring economic levels constitute but just a sample of the challenges man faces on earth (Coate, Knight & National Bureau of Economic Research, 2009). Since they are numerous, there is a need to solve every of them in terms of priority. Consequently, solving one or two of the problems will assist in solving or reducing the effects of other problems.
Nevertheless, there is a need for various governments to choose the appropriate and best way to spend resources. Since high poverty level is common in many countries, it, therefore, constitutes the biggest problem in the world. Statistics shows that 50% of the world population lives below the poverty level of $ 2. 50 a day. The actual numbers from the record estimate this number to be 3 billion people in the entire world. It, therefore, means that over half of the world population suffers since they live on less than $ 2. 50 a day thus cannot afford to purchase most of their needs. Moreover, 22000 children die daily due to the effects of poverty in the world (Pogge, 2008). Thus, the best form of public spending entails allocating funds and using them to reduce and alleviate poverty.
The major function of every government is to protect its citizens from the effects of poverty. Supporting this reduces misery among the citizens thereby ensuring that they appreciate and support the government by being patriotic and loyal. Consequently, since high poverty increases the levels of depression, its reduction minimizes depression levels in citizens thus, improving the living standards (Coate, Knight & National Bureau of Economic Research, 2009). Through allocation of adequate resources and using it in funding various projects aimed at reducing poverty levels and empowering its citizens, the government spends its resources in the best way possible.
In conclusion, the best form of public spending should be that with the greatest benefit to citizens. Thus, every government should strive at reducing the level of poverty in the world since this will curb human suffering and improve their living standards. However, this role should not only be left to the government. Individuals need to offer assistance to the government thereby ensuring success of the initiative. Thus, I end by posing a question, “ What have you done to curb or reduce the level of poverty in your community?
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