The accelerated nursing curriculum demanding your personal time

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26 April 2012
The accelerated nursing curriculum is demanding my personal time in the sense that I find it difficult to work and pursue any other activities like family and leisure. As a result, I am in a situation whereby I have to sacrifice my time, work, family and any other obligations to concentrate on studies. In a bid to develop a reliable plan through which I will accommodate this time in school without work, I intend to consider the manner in which I will handle the financial aspect.
My plan is to give total commitment to my studies, which will take up to 80% of my time; the remaining time will be used for my personal activities and folks. The reason why I do not require much time for my personal and family duties is because I am unmarried and without children. Similarly, I live with my brother where I have no financial obligations because I do not pay rent and I receive financial support from my parents meaning that I don’t need to work to finance my studies. This makes it quite convenient for me to balance the school program with any other activity that I may choose. The absence of financial constraints removes a very big obstacle enabling me to focus on my course easily.
In conclusion, my plan will be appropriate in balancing between studies and other activities making it possible to pursue my education without straining particularly because I will not need to work. The financial part will be taken care of by my parents.