Teenagers prefer branded products essay examples

This is really an attention-grabbing fact that teenagers spend a larger amount of their money on branded products while they go for shopping. As per different survey reports, teenagers prefer the brand names over generic products irrespective of their price, durability and comfort sometimes. What they look and find in the branded products, comfort, style, durability or just brand name. This tendency of teenagers creates several snooping in one’s mind. In this paper, we would check out the whole business and try to find out the reasons behind inclination of teenagers towards brand names.
The most important reason seems to be the money. Today teenagers have more money to use up than earlier times. They get good sum as pocket money and to spend for their shopping. In some cases, apart from getting money from their parents, teenagers also earn good enough by working part time and spend this money for their shopping and other purposes. Parents give any amount to their teenager children that they ask. Parents neither hesitate nor question their children that where they are going to squander the money. The income of People has enormously increased in compare to previous times, they are earning a lot and they just want to see their children happy. People want to provide their children good quality clothes, food and other services without making any compromise.
The second reason is that teenagers are very much aware about their aesthetics and just love to use the branded products for them. They believe that branded names brings latest products and in the market and they should try the latest trends. Usually it is observed that generic products are not as stylish as branded ones are and teenagers naturally incline towards the latest and trendy things. They start using latest branded clothes and quality food items instead of generic products.
It is very common tendency found in the teenagers to copy their favorite film actor, actress or sports personality and use the same brands product as their stars use. Teenagers want to become like their stars and in this course of affair they start using the products of same brand which is advertised and used by these cinema or sports personalities. Sometimes teenagers start using a particular brand product because it suits his or her personality and adheres to the products of that particular brand.
Branded products are considered as status symbol and teenagers are very much aware about their image and status among their friends or classmates. They make every effort to stay ahead of others and by using brand name they somehow want to show their penchants. Teenagers in their age also have a tendency to impress their friends, boyfriends and girlfriends by using branded products. Teenagers also worry that if they are not using good products of big brand names, their chances would be diminished in their affairs or friendships. Sometimes one’s swanking instigates others to use the products of same brand or may be better and bigger to the previous one.
In this commercial era, companies also know that teenagers are very valuable customers for them and it is almost impossible for the companies to let this class of consumers go in the race of money making. Companies make every effort to attract the teenagers. They know that teenagers can easily make empty the pocket of their parents which is otherwise a difficult task for these companies. Recognizing the value of teenagers, companies focus their marketing strategies on them and make every effort to draw the attentions of teenagers towards their products. These companies hire the most popular film actors, actresses and sports person to advertise their products and teenagers are usually influenced by such strategies.

Companies have started providing a number of services and facilitate the consumers in every possible manner. Online shopping, credit card and other similar services also plays an important role in shopping and teenagers in course of trying new things use these services to shop and when they shop online, almost all the way leads to branded products.


After analyzing all the factors abovementioned, it is comprehensible that companies have beautifully intertwined a net around the teenagers for their benefits and teenagers also by various reasons prefer branded products instead of using generic products. Inflow of money in the society and increase in income is undoubtedly the main reason behind using branded products and all other reasons are related to the money factor this way or that way. Several other factors are also responsible for the behavior of teens to prefer branded products as discussed above which play very vital roles in this episode.


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