Technology essay example

Technology as daily use, it has its advantages and its disadvantages. People nowadays depend on the technology in nearly all of their daily work. Technology had helped people’s life to become easier and to make it simpler on them. Early young children can learn faster as technology builds up with them while older people try to cope up with the rapid changes in the technology. Technology might have some negative effects on us that can harm our health, leave us daydreaming resulting in making us miss other important things in our life. In my point of view, technology as a whole is completely an advantage and a positive aspect of our world if it is used wisely and in the correct way. Most of the works these days depend on the technology to manage their jobs and to grow and succeed. Technology helps people to communicate, share ideas and information in a productive way. Alternatively, it is also being used by people in destructive and corrupt way against the betterment of society.
Many researchers have proven that young people perform better with the use of technology in their daily lives for example me; I tend to perform better with the use of technology as it helps me in every aspect of my daily life. I use various forms of technology 90% of the times during the day. Most of the times, I am carrying my phone or my I pad in my hand helping me communicate in real time with my clients helping me in growing my business. It helps me communicate any time with my family and loved ones. It is proven that use of this facility helps build better relationships between couples as they can keep in touch regularly if they are working in different places or travel frequently . Internet technology makes me aware of the day to day developments in the business world and all the general activities going on across the world. I can know about the developments in the opposite side of my country or any part of the world while I am in lying in my bed or when I am travelling. With amazing innovations and technology enhancements in the field of telecom and networking, our lives have been enabled to connect with any information we required with the use of mobile phones and computers. Today we can communicate information using e-mails via internet in very less time. E-Commerce has enabled us to purchase and sell products online using internet and thus, saving our time while enabling us to compare a lot of products to find the best suited for us. This is a big advancement as we can sell and purchase products from other countries while sitting in our homes. Telecom technology has grown exponentially since its inception and is ever growing at the same pace..
Another important aspect of our lives that technology has made better is transportation. In earlier times, transportation methods involved natural sources like animals, boats, walking. It was a cumbersome task to move within the country and took a long time. Now days it doesn’t take much time to travel across the world. Use of modern transportation techniques is a crucial part of our daily lives. It is being used by all age groups; children use buses to go to schools and colleges, adults use cars, local trains, buses, etc. to go to their work. For longer distances, we use ships and airplanes. Modern transportation is an active part of any industry throughout the world .
Technological developments have changed our lifestyle and our homes. Construction of our houses has undergone many advancements of technology with the use of latest machinery to transport raw material and various systems to assemble all the required ingredients on site to build up a structure in very less time. We have every mean to make our homes comfortable in any type of weather. For summers, we have every types air conditioned to get cool atmosphere in all sorts of heated spaces. Similarly during winters, we can heat our homes to get warm and relaxed atmosphere. We have all sorts of entertainment options inside the houses. Television, music systems, computers, video games, etc. are available in every household these days. They provide us an option of getting knowledge and entertainment at the same time. Modern day kitchens use all sorts of new technology to help us cook food in a better and a tastier way. We have new technology for gas stoves that have internal supply of gas and lighter on the knobs that can fire the burner by just turning them on. Microwaves and ovens enable us to cook without using gas stoves. Microwave technology helps to cook the food without destroying the nutritional value. In earlier times, people had to carry water from natural sources to their homes but these days we have water supplied directly to our homes through water pumps.
Another important advantage of technology is in the field of agriculture. Back in the days, oxen driven plough was used in the fields to cultivate. Then the fields were irrigated manually with some natural source of water around. If there were no natural sources close by, people had to depend on the rain to irrigate the fields. But technological advancements and inventions in the field of agriculture has changed the scenario. We have various machinery to do the cultivation that require very less manual labor for example, a single person is able to plough big fields in a single day with the help of a tractor. This enables us to grow large amounts of food in short time to facilitate the requirement of our ever growing population. According to estimates, population of the world will exceed 9 billion, which means about 2. 3 billion more people to feed . Similarly there are various automated systems to process the raw food and preserve it to be sent to long distance or for longer times. For irrigation, people no longer depend on rain or close by natural resources. With the use of technology we have resources to pump the underground water to be readily available for irrigation in fields. Canals have been carved out of natural water bodies to supply water to scarce regions.
Dams have been built up to store water for electricity generation and use during water shortages. Electricity is also generated in thermal and nuclear power plants which are a very good example of technology advantage for us. Electricity is the heart and soul of any job to be done these days. Without electricity, most of the work will come to a standstill. Every household, office or industry requires electricity.
Another fine example of technology advancement is in the field of medical science. We have cure for almost all the known diseases today. Machines have become an important part of any type of medical facility these days. Gone are the days when people use to die suffering with just a minor flu. Medical research has achieved high advancements with technologies like gene therapy and tissue research being used to treat complex diseases. Emergency medical services are available on call where all the important machines are fitted in an ambulance to instantly save a person’s life and to carry him to the hospital where better treatment can be provided. Survival rates have increases many folds in recent years with the help of these technology advancements . New research like cloning and Nano technology is undergoing and will result in bigger achievements in the near future.
As the saying goes, every coin has two sides; Technology also has its disadvantages. As we talk about mobile phones, they help us communicate in a faster way, but they also pose risk of effect of radio waves on our brain and other parts which is still debatable. Some people keep on talking on phones for many hours which is harmful to the ear and brain. Younger generation is getting addicted to the use of mobile phones which makes them less interested in physical activities or conversations. This makes them less interactive and sometimes leads to development of social fear. They waste a lot of time on talking and chatting on phones. Continuously staring at mobile phones for long time can lead to weakening of eyes. Use of internet has led to exposure of privacy to other people which is sometimes used for negative and wrong purposes. Also E-commerce can lead to stealth of bank accounts related data which can lead to financial loss. Transportation technology comes with a shortcoming of risks to life that includes accidents involved with high speed transportation methods. Road accidents, Airplane accidents, Train accidents, etc. are common examples of these types of risks. Road accidents are the most prominent of all the transportation methods. These accidents occur due to negligent or reckless driving most of the times. Drunken driving, use of mobile phone during driving, driving for long hours without rest, etc. are some of the main reasons causing accidents . Our houses constitute of all the man made products. We breathe in processed air because the outside environment is polluted and is not good for health. Processed food that has been preserved with chemicals doesn’t provide us the nutritional value that we receive from raw food. Also the equipment in the house can be dangerous sometimes like gas fires, electricity related accidents, etc. that can lead to major accidents. If the construction of the house is not right or is not maintained on time, the whole house can also collapse.
In agriculture, the high demand results in more generation of food that is being done with the help of fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals are absorbed in the food and ultimately enter the human body causing diseases and problems. A very big impact of technology advancement is inventions of weapons and artillery. This has led to tensions among officials of various countries who threaten to attack each other with these weapons. As we keep on using technology for the betterment of our lives, we are exploiting the natural resources more and more. Use of CFCs has led to depletion of ozone layer in some of the parts of the world and is constantly under threat in other parts.
But as Sir Isaac Newton has said, every action has an equal and opposite reaction, technological advantages also have repercussions. I am in favor of technology as it has become essential for us to survive. We cannot live in temporary houses without electricity and other basic amenities. We need to use transportation options to go from one place to another in short time. We need all the medical facilities to sustain in this changing environment which poses many types of risks. Our life style involves many types of natural and man-made hazards like accidents, natural calamities, diseases, etc. and to sustain all these, we need all the technological advancements.
Is technology a bane or boon? This topic will always be debatable but no one can deny its necessity in current world. We have evolved with growing technology that cannot be detached from us. The best we can do is to take care of our natural resources so that they don’t become extinct on the expense of our needs. We need to develop technology in a way to blend in with the natural environment to efficiently utilize what we have in hand.


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