Technology destroys human activities

The writers Point of view Is to stop worshipping the machines that have enslaved us Reasons: Positives We adore technology and so we are Its slaves Technology has replaced workers * Technology controls our lives, we do what technology tells us * Like a heavy blanket, technology is stifling communication, physical exercise and healthy living Young people write in code like foreign language when text messaging, soon young people will forget how to write in standard English * There are too many fat kids ND fat adulate * New technology is basic cause of obesity * University researchers report that in the sass, 48. % of workers in Australia rode bicycles , walked, * Now people drive their cars, that Is not good for health and the environment * Technology destroys some worthwhile human activities Negative: None Part two: In the article slaves to technology which appeared in signs Wilkinson Editorial cartoon on 2007 the writer Karen LU argues that we human are nowadays control by technology. She use critical tone making the reader to feel that we human being impolitely depend on technology. Imaginary image of cartoon has been used to make the reader realize how technology wastes our precious time. The writer’s main contention is we human should stop adoration of technology. The writer has focused on exclusive language to strengthen his argument by directly involving the reader in the Issue in the phrase ” we adore technology and so we are its slaves”. The phrase would make the reader feel that he or she Is also affected by the use of ” technology’.

The writer has developed his argument by saying that technology has changed the way people communicate, exercise and live and also she use Imaginary image of cartoon to make the reader realize how technology waste our precious time . In contrast the writer has uses generalization in the phrase ” in the 19th century, many people become slaves of new industries and their machines” to stir up emotions in readers and make them feel guilt, sympathy, angry and excitement lead the reader to share the writers feeling on the technology and bring out an emotion in he readers to thinks that she is also somehow wrong about depending on technology too much. The writer attempts to sway the readers by using exaggeration to tradition and custom to develop her argument.

The phrase ” soon many young people may not be able to write at length In Standard English” Is used to describe the use of technology as something Invaluable. The text would encourage the reader to resist changes to the way they use technology and suggest that technology Is damaging our society. The writer has developed his argument by eying that ” should we not warm our young people that text messaging is harmful? ” ” health expert Dry Rose Khan says” would develop her intention by presenting ” expert opinion” and it is attributed, so the readers can Judge like truth. The impact on the reader would be that she will think that this issue is factual.

The writer has further developed her ideas by saying that there are many obese children and adults because they use technology most of the time and spend their time at home to watch TV or use computers. He says that obesity is therefore caused by the use of genealogy The writer has used statistics to draw the reader’s intention more on the issue strange his argument in the phrase ” university researchers report that, in the sass, 48. 5 % of workers in Australia rode bicycles to their work or they walked”. The effect on the reader is that she thinks that the issue is very serious. The writer moved his argument from 19th Century to 21st Century.

To develop his argument the writer use question to draw the readers into the issue by asking ” have you spotted any bike racks at your school lately? Phrase is used to involving the readers and making them think about the impact of technology in human lives. To some extent, the writer’s arguments are developed strongly by using the different ideas. The language is used to persuade the reader to perhaps think deeply about the use of technology and its effect on their lives. Overall, the article targets all the people who use technology today. Parents and workers are more likely to be persuaded by the writer’s ideas as she has said that technology has caused obesity and has replaced workers.