Shark tank asst assignment

Your team building assignment is to add a Shark Tank Member to your team. Your job is to evaluate the cast and most specifically to recruit the chosen member to help you in your industry. You need to take a business marketing product or business marketing position. You may also take the position that your group would be better members of the cast since they seem to concentrate more on consumer marketing and there are numerous BIB starts that could use their expertise.

In this case identify the weak link in the Shark Tank Cast to be replaced (remember to give your justification) Link to show: http://BBC. Go. Com/shows/shark-tank Shark Tank Bios Link: http://BBC. Go. Com/shows/shark-tank/cast Mark Cuban Barbara Corcoran Diamond John Lori Greener Robert Wherever Kevin O’Leary Rating: Overall Choice and relating his or her expertise to BIB Product or Industry Position Pitch Preparation/outline/goal Group (team) Members: 1 . Lauren Grub 2. Adam Simpson 3. Josh Baby 4.

Mark Cuban Choice and Justification (5) Creativity Although Shark Tank has many experienced and expert cast members, if I had to choose one to add to my team, I would choose Mark Cuban. With Marks expertise and experience he would get our team going in the right direction and help us to stay motivated. In my opinion, he is the most successful investor on the show. With many years of expertise in investments, his advice and guidance would be perfect for our team to generate profits and help advertise our products.

He has many connections and clients in our industry that would be very beneficial to our team also. I feel that Mark Cuban is more than Just someone handing over a check, he is a mentor and role model to his clients. Our team needs someone that is willing to work with us around he clock, year-long and Mark is the perfect example of this type of person. Although there are other cast members such as Lori and Barbara, I do not feel that their Q. V. focus would be very beneficial for our team.

A majority of their advertising is done through this television shopping network and that is not the direction our team is looking to head for. Diamond would be an advantage to our team with his known fashion expertise and many other related investments. However, I feel that he is too far into the fashion industry with so many investments, our team’s products ay clash with his current ones and create problems. Robert takes a very humble and genuine approach to gaining investments and this is very appealing to the consumer.

For me, it was a tough choice between Robert and Kevin. Robert would have been my second choice if Mark Cuban weren’t more successful. Our team wants someone who is not trying to rip us off and only make money off us. Our team needs someone who is willing to work with us and provide all the necessary skills and advice we are lacking. With Seven’s arrogant and selfish “ TV personality,” he is the last person I would add to my team. His performance on the show is typically linked to him asking for more of a percentage in the company in return for less money.

His excuse for making these offers is that he wants to ensure he receives a return on his investment. With any investment there are risks such as these or there is the potential to gain millions. His rude comments he often makes and his stuck up personality is very unappealing and causes him to loose many investments. Overall, I feel that Mark Cuban would be the biggest advantage to our team. His hard-working and smart personality would align with my teams similar qualities. In addition, his drive and determination are proved through his success as an investor.

Even with as many investments as Mark has, he still manages to make time to support his Dallas Mavericks during their games at night and meet up with his clients during the day. Mark helps ensure his clients are operating the most efficiently and effectively at all times and guides them in the right direction to do this. It would be an honor to have someone like Mark Cuban on our team and I cannot think of anyone else I would rather have more. With Marks knowledge and connections, our team would benefit from him in ways unimaginable!