Secrets on how to make happiness essay

Happiness, people say, is a very vague word. It can come in different ways for different people – money, fame, popularity, and love and so on and so forth. With this said, does this mean that having less of them will not make anyone happy? Unfortunately, this is not so. Real happiness is something that a person brings upon to himself and should never depend on what the world can or cannot give him.

For those who want to achieve happiness, read on a little more and learn about the secrets on how to find happiness in your life, today. Find love for yourself. Start from the beginning. You simply cannot give out love and feel love for the world if you have no love to give to yourself.

You cannot share what you do not have. So get a change of perspective and stop thinking that you do not have enough to make it in life. Each person is made with something special in them and there is definitely something special in you that set you above the rest from the world. Know your purpose A purpose is an anticipated outcome that will guide your every action in life.

Everyone has a purpose, what you need to do now is to know what yours is. This is the secret on how to find happiness. So listen to your heart. Give yourself time to think about what you want to do in your life. And if you already have it, then turn that dream into a goal.

Learn to let go and forgive Forgiving is not about tolerating the wrong things done to you by others but it is simply a way of moving on from the bad things that happened to you in the past. Holding on to all that hurt and pain can limit and even blind you to the possibilities that you have in life. So never take grudges and store them up overnight. Letting go is one good stop on how to find happiness.

Count your blessings Sometimes, people dream and aspire for so many different and hefty things in life that they lose sight of the things that they actually have. So try not to be blinded by all these that you end up not appreciating the good things that are already there in your life. The best way of finding happiness is to cultivate a heart of gratitude. Open your eyes to the many things you have today and you will find hundreds of things to be thankful for in life. Simplify your life.

The truth is: happiness is simplicity. If you see it as something very complicated and materialistic, then you can never achieve it in your lifetime. Instead, cheat through life and make your standards for happiness extremely low.

This way, it will not take you that much to achieve happiness. So you see. How to find happiness is not about chasing things that the world sees as important or battling out in the corporate stage. It is something that is already in you. And it’s just a matter of you waking up and seeing it there.

Benefits of laughter The benefits of laughter are numerous. Laughing can help you relieve stress, reduce pain and even deal with problems better. Having a sense of humor can lighten life’s difficult times and make them easier to work through. It can even bring your focus back to what is important and make you more alert. With this much affect on a person, laughter is a powerful tool to use.

It can make relationships happier, give a person an easier way to handle stressful situations and improve his or her health mentally and physically. So when life is too heavy to bear at times this is a time for a good dose of laughter therapy. Of course, the benefits of laughter can be sprinkled through each and every day. Set aside some time to just enjoy something humorous each day and see how much smoother the day goes. Each night watch something funny on TV or enjoy a good life with family and friends.

Let’s look some ways laughter can help in life. How Laughter Can Improve Life and Health • It improves a person’s feeling of well-being. Laughing makes him or her have a more positive outlook on life. A personal dose of laughter therapy can give one a rest from pain or sadness. Situations happen in life, which bring on depressing emotions. Humor can bring some relief. • Laughing can relax the body. It relieves stress and tension which in turn relaxes the muscles.

• Enjoying a good chuckle can even stimulate the immune system. • The laughing releases endorphins in the body that make it feel better. These are what give a person a feeling of well-being. • One of the other benefits of laughter is that it increases the flow of blood. This makes the heart and circulatory system healthier.

• One cannot be mad, angry or stressed when chuckling over something funny. • It can restore a person’s energy to laugh. • Having a sense of humor makes people less overwhelmed.

• People like to be around someone more when he or she laughs and enjoys life. Therefore it can improve social life. • Two people can bond over a humorous moment. This can be good for even romantic relationships. Ways to Put More Laughter into Life Wondering how to add some laughter therapy to life? That is easy, start out with a funny movie or two. There are even laughter yoga classes today that incorporate the two beneficial acts together. Go out with a friend and talk about only fun memories or ideas so that you can chuckle together. This list really is endless.

See how many benefits of laughter there are? Anyone can improve their life in this pleasant way. Just start laughing today to see how it helps. It is really that simple! Whether it is a funny book, moment or movie, use it to improve life.

Life is hard enough without going through it depressed so lighten up, and use some humor to get through it.