Sample essay on databases and network

Database and Network

A database and a data warehouse are somewhat similar in nature as both are databases containing tables and data. But the main difference between the two is that a database records data and a data warehouse responds to major business questions. (Exforsys) Data analysis can be done using a single domain; however, multiple domains are a common feature for many large businesses. A database would only deal with a single business unit, whereas, a data warehouse will deal with and integrate the several business units. Hence, a databases and data warehouses are separately used in businesses.
Companies can make do with just a single database but this is unlikely, mostly because for the separation of the large amount of data the need to have multiple databases arises. Moreover, there may be internal security concerns of confidential information because of which businesses may need to have several databases. Adding to this, there can also be data variances which may not be able to co-exist in the same database. (Boehm, 2010)
Mobile wireless networks have several benefits over a wired network. Firstly, they are a neater form of communication as it eliminates the need for wires running through the workplace. (Evans) Secondly, wireless network allows for eased communication at the workplace, since, it allows freedom for the data to travel around. Thirdly, even though wireless networks may have a higher initial installation costs it will provide significant cost savings in the longer term.
The most obvious benefit wireless networks has had is the ease of reaching employees at any place and any time as majority of people are now connected through some form of wireless networks all the time. Moreover, wireless networks have advantages for IT departments to install and maintain hardware in large organizations. Adding to this, these networks allow for businesses to track shipments for instance and scan multiple items at once. (Kazmeyer)


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