Sales manager for axa insurance business essay

The best suited occupation appellation for me will be to work at AXA insurance. I prefer making this occupation as I think I have all the capablenesss of a Gross saless individual. I can convert the clients, if I am convinced by myself. I can place the characteristics of a merchandise, develop a sense of properties to a specified clients demands and so assist the client understand how the thing I am showing is traveling to assist in future. Therefore I have the possible to sell merchandises that are by any manner helpful to the clients.

On the other manus, AXA insurance has varied merchandises that I can choose from to sell to the clients. For case, the company has options to sell the undermentioned merchandises.

Life insurance.

Asset Management.

Property Insurance.

Casualty Insurance.

Therefore I can choose any of the point as per demands and demands of the client and sell that with full assurance as I am myself certain about the company profile, accomplishments and yesteryear records which are trust worthy and promising.

Educational making required:

The Educational making required for going is MBA in gross revenues and selling for two old ages in a celebrated University. This will assist me understand the assorted constructs related to gross revenues and selling.

How the gross revenues have been increased in the yesteryear?

What are the methods used?

How the estimation of sale is made?

Techniques use to originate gross revenues?

How to happen out client outlooks and demand?

Therefore by acquiring replies to the above inquiries I will be able to entree the demand of assorted clients and place the right sort of merchandise of AXA before the client. That is if the client is more disquieted about life than I will flip for Life insurance, or if the client is more disquieted about his edifices than I will put edifice insurance before him. AXA has a large name in Insurance, therefore to its of import to run into its demands.

AXA Insurance Company:

AXA is one of the largest insurance companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council or the GCC. The company is runing in five GCC states that is Oman, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. The company offers its clients with insurances of assorted sorts. These include the undermentioned types of insurances for persons and concerns.

Individual Insurance

Corporate Insurance.

Car Insurance.

Home Insurance.

Health Insurance.

Travel Insurance.

Resettlement Insurance.

Personal Accident Insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance.

Golf Insurance.

Yacht Insurance.

SME solutions.







Personal Accident.





Soon the company has 12 subdivisions in the five GCC states. The gross of the company was USD 510 million in the last financial twelvemonth. The company has made its planetary presence. In GCC the company has employed over 700 employees with close. 5 million clients.

Physical presence of the company:

The Physical presence of the company is like an office type agreement. The air is conditioned with tickets of company policy and features all about. The general guidelines of Gulf conformities and ethical usher are besides mentioned in the paper advertizement spread all over the work infinite. The company directors are given separate seats with computing machine system for each of them. The office infinite is clean and good equipped with the pressman, security cameras, security guards, receptionist, developing room etc.

From the above figure, we can see that the edifice design is really attractive. The parking infinite is besides available. The inside inside of the office is rather equipped and maintained. The Son of the company trade name AXA can be easy seen on the exterior and besides inside the office. Besides the Son has been written in English every bit good as local linguistic communication so that it is easy identifiable by the people.

Symbols, logo, Slogans and doctrine statements:

The mottos of the company are “ Redefining Insurance: AXA life Insurance ” .

That is through the policy the right sort of policy with merely the truth is served and nil is remain concealed from the client.

General Policy of the company:

The general policies and activities of the company include the followerss.

Anti Fraud Policies. The company presents itself as offering anti fraud policy that does non rip off the clients, and cut down their investing size or net incomes thenceforth.

Anti Money laundering policy of the company. The company intends to maintain itself as an anti money washing company who does non put money in anti Islamic investings. The investings are made for the resurgence, growing and carry through echt demands of the people.

The company doctrine consists of giving growing to the investing of the people, along with the insurance screen to the individual and the household. The company has varied programs and a figure of investing shelves that helps the company in catching as many clients around the Middle East.

History of the company:

The AXA Company came in beginning in 1817. In 1955 the company started opening its offices in other states. In 1982, the company became the top company in France. Therefore in 1985, the name AXA life insurance came into being with its separate designation from the AXA group of companies. In 1990 the company entered the United States market. And in 1995 entered Asiatic market. With its recent success the company opened its concern in Morocco in 1996.

In twelvemonth 2006, the company became the top company in Switzerland. In 2008, the company entered the Latin America market and within few old ages made a good clasp over local insurance concern.

Policies and activities

Insurance is widely used construct sold by many companies so as to run into unanticipated eventualities in close hereafter that may originate due to some bad luck. Actually, An Insurance is a type of contract between the person and the company against the premiums which the individual needs to pay from clip to clip, in return of certain sum that the company is ready to payback in instance of a certain event. That certain event can be decease, disability etc.

Therefore this manner a certain sum of money is secured for the individual ‘s household for their endurance. Therefore chiefly the Insurer that is the company and the Insured that is the individual and his household are involved in a contract of acquiring a ball amount sum in instance an unhappy event arises.

The company policy includes the client satisfaction through proper attention and high rating of policy sum. Thus the policies of the company are as follows.

To increase the value of the client wealth.

To give client true and just cognition of the insurance programs.

To give competitory pricing and end product of the Insurance policy.

To fleetly react to the client ailment and act for its redressed.

To give clients options to choose from assortment of Insurance policy merchandises.

This manner the company policy of run intoing client satisfaction is achieved.

Company Activities:

The AXA Insurance has launched its online services from August 2010 onwards. This manner the clients are now free to hold the undermentioned benefits.

Order new policy online.

Update about the old policy.

Comparison policy characteristics and premiums with other policies.

Easy to entree from place.

Send question as per the demands and acquire speedy response.

Therefore the company logo of redefining insurance gets fulfilled. That is now the insurance is made easier to understand from the E of place. The client is free to look at written characteristics of the policy through on-line portal. The grudges can make the top governments through on-line ailment signifiers. The suggestions sing bettering or upgrading the bing policies can besides be given online.

In AXA Insurance the company earns involvement on premiums and can modulate the policy footings as per its will. The individual insured need to finish the footings of premiums so at to acquire all the written benefits. In instance of non-fulfillment of the footings and conditions the company can pull mulcts from the financess of the Insured individual. At the terminal of footings of proposal the sum as per the premiums, involvement and fillip is given back to the insured individual.

Evaluate company civilization and profile:

Company civilization is defined has how the human resource of the company unrecorded inside the company premises with given conditions and demands of duties related to the occupation. The civilization of the company consists of the chief factors discussed below.





All these people above comes together to do one company civilization dwelling of internal and external environment. The internal environment includes the employees and direction of the company. The external environment includes the market conditions and the system that are followed by the people in the industry, the clients and authorities ordinances.

In AXA the company employees are given preparation and instruction from clip to clip so that their ability to acquire more clients and even fulfill them with the company merchandise characteristics. This manner the human resource of the company is given proper attention. Further more the direction are clarified with the company ends and marks which are required to be achieved within a fixed clip frame. The clip frame is frequently broken in little quarters so that proper attention is taken to accomplish each and individual measure of company end.

The market which consists of so many old names in insurance has by themselves the trust of the people. So to derive trust of the people the company needs to engraft more client friendly policies that gurantees good return from investing of the clients. Besides the speedy redressal of ailments and claims thereon will assist the company to acquire more satisfied clients who bring more clients for the company.

The AXA group is the largest insurance company group in the universe. It is soon working in 57 states of the universe. Till day of the month the company has more than 101 million clients around the universe. The figure of employees with the company universe over is 163, 000. The company has besides move into sole distribution system of selling insurance and at present it has 55, 000 sole distributers. The company is AA- rated by the International evaluation authorization called the Standard and Poor ‘s.

The company concern chiefly consists of the followerss.

Property Insurance.

Casualty Insurance.

Life Insurance.

Asset direction.

In twelvemonth 2011, the company achieved the undermentioned fiscal borders.

Gross earned up to 86 billion euros.

Net Income earned was 4. 3 billion euros.

The assets of the company under direction increased up to 1, 079 billion euros.

The client satisfaction per centum was 78 % , which is really seldom seen in any Insurance company.

AXA in twelvemonth 2012:

The company tops in many states in the field of giving insurance related servicers. The company is graded 58the among the top 100 Best planetary trade name of Insurances. At present it ‘s the fourth best industry in France after Lousi Vuitton, L’Oreal and Danone. The company is based on values of concern and is branded as the best trusty trade name around the Earth.

Work Experience required:

The work experience required is of speaking reasonable and aiming a specific merchandise. Thus I will pattern to talk logical, and with contents so that the client feels related with the presentation I give him. I will seek to acquire work experience by working as trainee in AXA insurance. Besides I would ask about the client needs before make up one’s minding on the merchandise he needs to be introduced. This manner the right merchandise will be placed at the right clip before the client.

Finance Required:

A batch of money is required to finish MBA in gross revenues and selling from a celebrated university. Thus I will work as trainee in AXA and the stipend I earn will assist me ease the fiscal force per unit area on my parents for finishing my MBA. Furthermore If the demand arise I will take educational loans and will refund them when I get the occupation. Therefore in all ways will seek my best to assist my household to remain off from the fiscal force per unit area of my instruction.

Attitude alterations:

The attitude of mine demands non to be changed as I am already an optimistic individual. I do n’t experience dishearten when I lose, alternatively I try once more with more strength. Therefore, if somehow may non able to acquire the sale of insurance, than I will seek once more with some other client and will besides maintain a feedback from the present client so that I can better my drawbacks in future.

Therefore working as trainee for one to two old ages will assist me develop all the accomplishments required for the occupation and besides assist me understand the occupation on floor. That is the pros and cons will be introduced to me good in progress and I will experience easier when I join the occupation after finishing my MBA.

Measuring the advantages and disadvantages of developing this program:

By developing this program I will be able to advocate my calling good in progress. I will able to calculate out what I am traveling to go one twenty-four hours. Thus my full force and attempts will hold a mark now which I will seek to accomplish in the coming old ages. As these coming old ages are the most critical portion of everybody ‘s life. As they decide what the individual will make through out his life. Therefore the advantages of developing the programs are below.

I will be able to make up one’s mind on what path I have to do attempts.

My hereafter would be clear and concise to me.

My difficult work will hold a way and a peculiar motivation.

I will stop with a good occupation.

I will get down gaining early.

But along with that there are some disadvantages. These includes.

My calling will lodge to that of gross revenues individual through out life.

I will non be able to prove my qualities in other Fieldss.

I will non be able to populate my university life which becomes portion of memory throughout life.

Money will go the lone mark of my life.


In the terminal, I can state that working as gross revenues director in AXA is a suited occupation appellation which will non assist me acquire a good occupation, but besides assist me, aid others in make up one’s minding about their investings that are required either on insurance of life, belongings, assets or even casualty. Therefore with a varied merchandises in my bag, I will be able to acquire a batch of work during my occupation and gain good income and with the developing work experience I will accomplish my marks in life.