Sales conference venue report sample

Sept, 2013

The following report describes the experience had in the conference that I assisted at Marriott Conference Center, the intention of this paper is to display the characteristics of the venue and take it into consideration for the upcoming Sales Conference.
In first place, the ambient of the center can be describe as formal and entertaining, it is a place that offers a very wide room where different stands of sale can be install at the same time, if the intention of the upcoming conference is to let see the people or potential customers all the line of products and services that the company can provide this will be ideal. During the conference I attended I notice that the staff of the center were very polite and careful to any require made by the people invited as well as the host of the conference.
The conference center offers an adjoining room which can be used to develop special lectures at the time that general display of products takes place, this way multiple presentations can be schedule during the three days of the sales conference on which the main products can be presented. The capability of developing different lectures or presentations during the conference would avoid that the conference is considered burring and repetitive for the people invited and would motivated them to attend to the full three day display increasing the probability of establishing business relationship with them.
The size of the conference center is to be consider medium – big so, the conference to be propose shall have a considerable amount of exposures so the room is quite full and in this way the people attending will considered the company to be well provided and confident, otherwise having such a big room with so few people in it, can let the customers think that the company is a startup enterprise and that it does not have a large capability of respond shall a large order be presented.
In general I would really recommend the Marriot Conference Center for the Three Days Conference intended, not only the place has the ideal characteristics for the event that is been organize but also just the location give the company a reference of a good status among the others, given that it has the resources to afford such event. Reminding the size of the place and large number of potential customers can be invited increasing the probability of growth of the company. Also is important to enhance that the conference room offers its own service of food provision for the event so this would reduces the troubles that this could bring; having some snacks during the conference and possible lunch in the place of the conference could assure that the people invited would stay during the full day each day of the conference.
As an extra point, the surroundings of the Marriot Conference Center offer to the people some recreational places to go after the conference day is over, restaurants, social bars for example where they may comment their opinions about what they have just seen as well as having some relaxing time after the long day that would increase the perception of the hall conference, that would make them remember better and take in consideration the company line of products at the time they need.