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In today’s security-conscious world, proper identification is of utmost importance. People from different sectors – from the federal and state employees, hospital workers, and the airline employees and even students, are required to wear their badges or identification cards. To keep up with the fast-paced era, BadgeWorks created badge holders, lanyards, ID chains and necklaces which are not only strong enough to withstand workday hazards but stylish and functional as well, to be used anytime of the day.

The badge holders and lanyards are 30 inches long and assembled in multi-stranded wire for extra strength and durability. It comes with two plastic and metal snap clips to securely hold the badge in place. The functionality and fashionability of the badge holders is provided by the clips, which are available in oval or rectangular shapes; gold- or silver-plated. Just remove the badge and connect the clip to the plastic snaps to turn the badge holder into a double-stranded choker.

The badge holders, lanyards and necklaces were manufactured using the finest products from China – the excellent quality pink and black freshwater pearls from the North; the excellent plating and casting workmanship from the South; and the specialization in beading and leather making from other regions in China all contributed to the excellent quality of this product.

BadgeWorks offers a great deal for corporations who would like to avail the products in wholesale. Different styles can be made available to the client. BadgeWorks also offer customized design for a corporation, which may include corporate logos, crests, slogans, pictures or colors. At a very reasonable amount, BadgeWork could also design raised or stamped metal pieces, epoxy parts, leather in various sizes and colors, gems or jewels, and badge reels with custom logo or custom-printed lanyards.

Products are packaged in lovely drawstring organza bags for added fashion sense.


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