Process writing. how to over come stress while in college

Process Writing: How to Overcome Stress While in College? Process Writing: How to Overcome Stress While in College No one is stress-proof. However, an average college student, in their self-discovery stage, is very vulnerable to stress. In a bid to establish self-awareness and development, this youthful part of the society face a lot of challenges. From confusing sexual orientation, unstable social life to low self-esteem, stress in college comes from all corners. College life can prove so stressful though it is filled with so much fun. Consequently, stress significantly affect one’s studies and their overall life. Fortunately, there is a plethora of ways to overcome and cope with stress and stressful situations in college. The subsequent discussion outlines some of the most comprehensive ways to deal with stress while in college.
Manage your Time
Unbelievably, ninety percent of stressful situations in college result from improper time management. To avoid stress, therefore, plan your time with respect to the available activities in order of priority. However, the age group in college consists of adventurous people with very little regard for time, and they have the poorest time management techniques. The major activities in college that require much time include attending classes and completing the assignments. Besides, an average college student will still have to go to parties and participate in co-curricular activities. Due to this entwinement of activities, one may be tempted to dedicate more time to fun at the cost of their studies. The punishments and resultant depressions that come with failing to do the assignments can cause unimaginable stress to a student. So, if you do not want to compromise your well-being in college, be a good time manager.
College is the human version of a beehive. In a span of twenty-four hours, a student is required to juggle between classes, assignments, socialization, and fieldwork. Even so, one should always find time to exercise. By this, it does not mean you have to pant away on a treadmill at the college gym or even sweat under those heavy weights. A simple half-an-hour walk with your favorite music on is just exercise enough to relieve and help you overcome future stresses. However, to fully achieve its goal, you must frequently exercise, say, once each day, or every morning and evening.
Socialize, and have Fun
The urge to socialize and have fun may sound controversial. Nevertheless, it is a very effective means of overcoming stress in college. Also, this may be very easy to implement since it is what most college students do best. As they say “ too much studying and no play made Jack a dull boy,” incessant studies stresses people up. One ought to get some time to mingle with friends, share ideas, have some fun and just temporarily detach himself from the detention of books. Apart from relaxing your mind, socializing helps you overcome stress. However, while in college, you should avoid too much alcohol. While the primary objective here is to defeat stress, over-indulging in alcohol facilitates your vulnerability to stress.
So the bottom line is college life is busy and tricky- stressful situations and frequent episodes of stress are never rare. But again, with the right behavioral adjustments with respect to the environment, you are better placed to overcome stress. With proper management of college time, exercising and socializing with friends, one can get to overcome the rampant condition of stress. Finally, college life is the most fundamental stage of your life; you should never allow stress to ruin it for you.