President obamas state of the union address essay examples

President Obama makes several points regarding the American economy. The first point is that the American economy has made substantial progress, and there is a need to sustain it. He quotes several areas including the manufacturing sector. This is the progress that has made America conquer China as the top investment destination. In addition, he asks for support from the American citizens in order to continue building the economy. The other point regards the energy sector. The country has produced more oil than that which it imports. Therefore, it is moving towards self reliance on energy. In order to promote economic growth, he has proposed that his government will reduce taxes for companies that create jobs locally. My reflection on these points is that the American economy is set for growth. Therefore, the main issue for the government is implementing those proposals. For the citizens, continuous support and hard work is necessary.
Economic recovery was another issue that the president addressed. For this point, he plans of reviving companies to promote job creation. Manufacturing companies are a priority, in this case. Hubs have been created in North Carolina, and Ohio to promote job creation. His government has loaned small businesses and entrepreneurs and bipartisan efforts are being made to promote exports. These efforts are expected to culminate in economic recovery. Funding of research is another point for recovery so that America produces great discoveries. Environmental protection is targeted for economic recovery. In this case, natural gas is expected to power several industries. My opinion is that these measures will put America on a recovery path. However, there has to be complementing support and functionality across the nation. Individuals and businesses must appreciate such ideas in order to move forward. Companies must comply with new regulations on energy to promote economic recovery.
With regard to economic recovery, the president said that immediate response was crucial to respond to drought and floods in coastal cities. Therefore, standards have to be set with regard to the amount of carbon pollution. The president called upon states and also utilities to determine new carbon standards to minimize pollution. With these efforts, future generations are expected to enjoy safe environments and expanded energy sources. My reflection is that efforts to curb climate change will have to involve support and coordination of many countries. As much as the resolve by the president is highly positive, he has to lobby for support from other continents. This will lead towards a safe planet and economic recovery across many states.
Money and banking was another critical issue raised by President Obama during the address. The first point is that Congress dedicated extra funds to a major priority in the American economy – education. This dedication of these funds is a reversal to the cuts that were made last year. The other aspect of money is the wages. The president notes that average wages haven’t been increased despite years of economic growth and corporate growth. To empower these employees, he proposes wages to be raised to $ 10. 10. My thoughts are that dedication of funds to education is an important turnaround in the budget allocation process. In addition, proposals to raise wages are important. However, productivity has to be matched with wage increases in order to ensure that manufacturers do not incur losses in production. The banking system should be strengthened to ensure financial inclusion for all citizens.