Png lenor case study analysis

Recommendations * Relaunch the 3: 1 concentrate temporarily, but invest heavily in R&D for a more permanent solution * Aggressively re-launch 3: 1 concentrate. * Advertise and emphasize on its environmental benefits due to reduced packing materials. * Focus on generating more sustainable solutions * Invest in R&D for adapting real eco-friendly solutions. Rationale * This form of product was already launched previously and has proven to be successful (people bought it for a 10 times higher price). It costs lesser to re-adapt to an older version. * People are more used to this version of packaging and can accept it better * Cost Savings can be re-directed to R&D to obtain a more sustainable solution * Doy Pouches and wax-coated cartons do not create an eco-friendly image * These new packaging’s may create expectations of similar packaging for other products * These packages are not exactly sturdy and durable (leakage problems). The carton refill package resembles the milk carton packaging which could face regulatory complications. Action Plan * Advertisements about 3: 1 concentrate highlighting its supreme efficiency (maybe include some tangible R; D results to drive home the message) * Create awareness about the environmental benefits due to 45% package saving. * Invest heavily in R; D to develop eco-friendly degradable material (e. g..

Bioplastics) * Create hype about themoneysaved by opting for the Lenor concentrate pack, being re-directed towards development of green packaging material that might be adapted not only across P; G products but across all plastic packaging. * Promote slogans and campaigns about P; Gs efforts to care for theenvironment* Create the image that by buying P; G products, people are indirectly investing in protecting the planet * Conduct feasibility analysis and take efforts to implement the new fully-degradable material across all products