Personal values and ethics standards assignment

A person’s values are psychological; although you may not be able to see or touch them they are just as real as any physical object. I have many personal values that I instill into my decision making and everyday life. It is very hard for me to say what order my values will fall into; each one I feel strongly towards. Some of my values includeoHonestyoTrustoFaithoFamily/ FriendsoPatriotismoLoveoKnowledgeoLoyaltyoPeaceoConcern for othersoPrlvacyoRespectoOrderlinessoSafetyAlthough I may have numerous things I alee I will still only apply about a handful Into my everyday life.

Each day may bring In a new value or take away one since everyday brings different challenges and situations. Honesty, trust, love, respect, and family or friends are the ones that I know I use everyday no matter what. I believe that honesty is the most important value you can apply to your decision making and Just in general. Most of my decisions or choices are made by trusting in me, gut instincts, criteria, and weighing my options. Every choice or decision I make is not taken lightly since it loud change the life of not only me but others as well. It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are” by Roy Disney (cited in Burners & Goldberg, n. D. ) I have always been one to think of others before myself, so I think that many of my choices and decisions are made by the heart rather then mind. Most of the time It Is k to think with your heart before your mind but there are times when you need to think about your self first and then others. I was the youngest of five children, ten years younger then my youngest older rather, and only girl.

Every member of my immediate family was raised in the country on farms in Idaho, until eight years before I was born, I was the only member born and raised inside of a city. Growing up with parents and four older brothers I was able to learn what values and ethics were important to them by many members of the family instead of just one or two. I think being raised by a family from the country and living in a city allowed me to view a mixture of both worlds which also allowed me to sample the different values.

Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of values” by Albert Lintels (cited In Thompson, 2008). This quote represents a rule my mother always instilled in her children and that was to become something great you need to values in line and she was right. I learned many things on personal values growing up; most of them are still with me today. As I grew to become an individual I started to make my own destiny and in turn made my own list of what I value and cherish in life and how I want to be known as and live by.