Nursing process of adpie

The Nursing Process is a patient centered goal oriented method of caring, that provides a framework to nursing care. It involves five major steps of Assessment, Nursing Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation/Intervention and Evaluation. This is known as “ ADPIE”. Nurse Assessment is the first step of the nursing process. We can view this step as an interview process in which the nurse is trying to gather information from the patient. This information is gathered by two steps, observation and asking specific questions. This helps the nurse get a better understanding of the patient’s physiological, psychological, sociological and spiritual status. Physiologically the nurse is looking for motor and sensory nerve functions, rest, sleep activity, skin color, vital signs, allergies, drug use, signs of physical abuse and any chronic conditions. Psychological, Socialogical and spiritually the nurse is looking for emotional tone, occupation, family ties, financial support, and responsibilities. In gathering all this information it helps the nurse” analyze the data as a basis for developing nursing diagnoses, identifying collaborative problems, and developed and individualized care plan for that patient. ” Nursing Diagnosis is the overall observation from the nurse’s point of view. This is when the nurse determines actual or potential problems. This potential problem would of have been based on the assessment of the clinical situation. During diagnosis the nurse must organized her observations (data) and compare data to standards. The nurse must be able to identify gaps and inconsistencies in data. Determine the client’s health problems, risk and strengths. A nurse cannot diagnose a medical condition only the doctor can, but she can identify a potential problem and example of this would be. “ The patient is not eating properly; he/she is only eating once a day. ” Nursing Planning requires critical thinking. Planning involves determining beforehand the strategies or course of action to be taken before implementation of nursing care. A nurse must involve patient and family, the nurse must begin with the first patients contact until the patient is discharged. The nurse must set goals and list interventions to meet the goals. Nursing Implementation is putting the nurses care plan into action. The purpose of this is to carry out planned nursing intervention to help the patient attain goals and achieve optimal level of health. There are different types of interventions. They are medication administration, provision of comfort measures, and patient/family education. As a nurse we need to set priorities to determine the order in which nursing interventions are carried out. Nursing Evaluation is to appraise the extent to which goals and outcome criteria of nursing care have been achieved. The process in which determines the effectiveness of nursing care consist of 1. Collect data about the patient’s response 2. Compare response to goals and outcome criteria 3. Assess whether goals are met 4. Analyze reasons for outcome 5. Modify care plan as needed. The Nursing Process