Navy nurse essay

The role and importance of Navy in the overall defense strategy of a country can never be underplayed. The disciplined and selfless service of the Navy Nurse Corps had always inspired and fascinated me. My passion to serve people was what brought me into the medical field and it is the same passion which again drove me into the Navy Nurse Corps.  It is a great experience being a part of the Navy Nurse Corps. It instilled in me the values of courage, commitment and honor, so essential for success in any field.  Though a reservist, I had the privilege of being on active duty.

The few years of active service exposed me to great challenges and dangers which, in a way, made me stronger and more determined to remain in this field.  I, although, many a times, felt I would be better able to handle crisis were I given more power. However confident and capable you are, unless you are empowered to take strategic decisions, you will not perform to your best.  The responsibilities of an officer in the Navy Nurse Corp are challenging and taxing.

His timely decisions decide the fate of many a person, especially so during a crisis. This answers the reason for me wanting to be an officer of the Navy Nurse Corps. During my stint as reservist, I was exposed to areas which emphasized on courage and honor, the important qualities for military personnel, and it also taught me the need for teamwork.

The schedule during my tenure also helped me hone my leadership skills. Armed with all these skills, I now look for an opportunity to implement them, and I feel the noble and dignified profile of an officer in the Navy Nurse Corps can be the solution.  The discipline and professionalism acquired during my stint has molded me with the necessary qualities required for a navy officer.

My service record and resume further attest my capability and competence.  I strongly feel these qualities could be put to greater use as an officer thus being an integral part of the country’s safety and wellbeing. Being an officer would provide me with greater opportunities and greater challenges. I had always wanted to serve my country and give something to my country in return, and I feel I would be able to do it better as an officer of the Navy Nurse Corps.