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Personal Commitment

Lifestyle diseases are among the major killer diseases in the world today. Unlike in the past where those diseases used to affect the old, today the age does not matter, and even the elites in society are not spared. People are working hard, and they are achieving in their respective career fields, but many of them are dying at their prime age. Families are losing their member and economies are losing skilled laborers while a lot can be done with much less in preventing the deaths. There is complete information about their causes, effects, prevention but the general public appears non-committal to the details and continues to indulge in lifestyles that will ultimately lead to their demise. It is in this light that physical fitness can no longer be perceived as a luxury. I have always had a plan to improve my personal health by committing myself fully to physical fitness for a long time, but whenever it was due time to effect the changes and start exercise programs, I always postponed to a later date. Avoiding junk foods and planning on my diet has been hard because although I may be overweight, most of my friends are much worse, and whenever I float the suggestion that we discuss our healthy, they careless and it appear as I am the person who cares about personal health.
In addition, enrolling in a gym was a very good idea first and I was looking forward to starting the sessions, but it has not been a priority to me. That remained as the norm until last summer when of my friends suffered a heart attack and was announced dead on arrival at the hospital. That incident shocked me to the core as the final reports of autopsy finally confirmed our worry, the cause results were being overweight, suffered from high blood pressure and being diabetic. According to his personal doctor, his conditions worsened as a result of being physically inactive and yet he was taking junk diets that were high in calories. Other than the fear of dying as a result of bad lifestyles, the sick spends a lot of time visiting the doctor and paying the consultation fees and yet all that can be avoided by adopting healthy lifestyles. It is due to the dangers associated with unchecked lifestyles that I have purposed to commit fully healthy living. I started by consulting a health professional on the best practices, and I was surprised to learn that failure to take control of my health is like courting death. With the help of the doctor, I learn how to check my weight in relation to the recommended body mass index. The profiling of my lifestyle was of great help because I was able to identify the changes and sacrifices that I had to make in order to remain healthy. One of the new resolutions was to creating enough time for physical exercise like playing soccer in college, skating once in a while, swimming, and enrolling in a gym. I also cleaned my fridge off the junk food, replaced them with whole foods and I am now extremely cautious of what I eat. Health is an essential aspect of a fulfilling life and its benefit outweighs the involved cost, healthy lifestyle is not just my responsibility, it is also my lifetime commitment.