Mid-to late nineteenth century art in europe and the united states critical thinking sample

Discipline: Art & architecture

Gustavo Eiffel Tower was built in Paris 1889 for the purpose ofaninternational exhibition. It was meant for commemoration of the French Revolution centenary. Its name came from engineer Gustave Eiffel. The company of the engineer designed the tower and built it. It is international cultural icon of the country France. It is iron lattice tower. It was made of wrought iron. The foundation is made of concrete slabs of two meters high. It has antenna on the top making it even tall. It is the tallest art structure in Paris. Its dimensions are 324 meters tall. The tower is bronze colored. The structure is pretty and attractive
Grand staircase, Opera, is a monument of United States of America. It was declared the United States the second newest national monument. It is made of dozens of sedimentary rock. It covers around 1880461 acres of land in south Utah. Its size is 160 by 240 kilometers. The eastern side of the Grand staircase is 650 meters escarpment. The western region is a descending slope. It is spectacular scenery and has beautiful structure.
THE BIRTH OF VENUS. The art was painted by French artist called Alexandra Cababel in 1863. It forms the New York’s metropolitan museum of art. It has various painting of the goddess. Its size is about 1, 725 X 2, 785 meters. Its color is bright and warm. The structure is located in Musée d’Orsay, Paris. The art work appears sexy.
Jean Baptiste, the Dance. The art was designed and painted by Jean a French sculptor in 1875. The structure is made up of marble material. Its size is 420 by 298 centimeters. It is a statue of a boy smiling. The art is pretty and attractive to look.
Henry Fox Talbot, the open door. The art was printed in 1844 by Henry William Fox. It is found in United Kingdom’s museum. The image is 14. 3 x 19. 4 centimeters in size. The image was painted in Europe, United Kingdom. The art is attractive and pretty.
The home of the Rebel Sharpshooter art. The photograph was from Alexander Garden in 1863. It forms one of the historical artistic in Chicago. It depicts the civil war and the images of dead bodies are shown in the picture. The size of the image is 17. 8 x 22. 9 centimeters. It is silver in color. The art is ugly to look at because of the dead bodies.
Portrait of Thomas Carlyle. It was from Julia Margaret in the year 1867. Its size is 20. 3 by 25. 4 centimeter. It is made of black and gray color. The art is found in Canada. It is on viewat the Getty center. The art is attractive and pretty. The image is cast in shadow. The head-on view shows the intensity and strength of the character.
The stone breakers by Gustava Courbet. The painting was exhibited first in 1850. It is historical reference is based on the social realism. Its size is 1. 6 by 2. 59 meters. The art shows sad condition of the stone breakers. The structure was destroyed during the world war two.
A burial at the orphan art by Gustava Courbet. It was designed in 1849. The structure is found in Musée d’Orsay, Paris. The art is boring.
Jean Francois Millet the cleaner. The paining was founded in 1857. Its size is 88. 3 by 111. 8 centimeters. It is found in Musée d’Orsay, Paris. The color of the painting is bright. The art is boring and displays sadness.