Matrix: philosophy and plato berkeley hobbes

University of Phoenix Material Philosophy Matrix Field Definition Historical Developments cocoons AT I nougat Key Contributors Principal Issues Epistemology Epistemology is the investigation into the grounds and nature of knowledge. Found in the SASS’S From Old Greece forward, Plato, Socrates, and developmental ideas. Rationalism meaner the knowledge can be acquired through the use of reason and empiricism is obtained through experience. Externalities, empiricism, constructivism, and etc.

Rene Descartes Emmanuel Kant Aristotle Locke Berkeley Spinal The kind of knowledge of how can we know what we know, the reason why? How is knowledge got? Metaphysics Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and fundamental properties of being. Idea owed to Aristotle. In Greece Realism Idealism Materialism Dualism Monism Aquinas Kant Plato Hobbes Leibniz What is being? What are its fundamental features and properties? Is there a God? Do people really have free will?

Moral Moral is the philosophical study of moral Judgments and value Judgments about hat is virtuous, Just or unjust, morally right or wrong and etc. It is the area of philosophy concerned with how we should live our lives. Idea owed to the Sophists. In Greece, forward to Socrates, Plato Skepticism Relativism Subjectivism Egoism Hedonism Epicureans Stoicism Cesar Hum Moore What is being a moral? What is moral Judgment? What is good or evil? Social Social is the philosophical study of society and its institutions. Greece Individualism Criticism Modernism Postmodernism Marx Hegel Who gets what?

Political Political seeks to find the best form of political existence, it is concerned with determining the states right to exist and ethically proper organization. Greece Communism Marxism Anarchism Liberalism Capitalism Utilitarianism Augustine Taylor Mill Smith Ought all people equal in freedom? Ought all people equal in citizenship? Should there be a state? Structuralism structuralism Is a methodology Tanat seeks to Tina ten unmannerly rules Ana conventions governing large social systems such as language or cultural mythology.

Greece Structuralism Postindustrial Factionalism Amass Jacobson Assured Deride Is it trust? Deconstruction Deconstruction is a form of semiotic analysis, derived mainly from French philosopher Jacques 1967 work of Graphology. Greece Deconstructionist Logarithms Eastern Postcolonial Postcolonial is a form of contemporary history that questions, challenges and reinvents the way we have viewed and are viewing other cultures. Greece Feminism Feminist philosophy refers to philosophy approached from a feminist perspective.

Feminist philosophy involves both attempts to use the methods of philosophy to rather the cause of the feminist movements Greece Directions: Complete the entire matrix and then write a 350- to 500-word response for each of the following questions: What is one example of how the global integration of cultures has affected contemporary philosophical thinking? Describe how the global integration of cultures, including Eastern metaphysical influences, has affected contemporary philosophical thinking. Cite at least one example and explain its effects on contemporary philosophical thinking.