Managing consumer market report example

Executive Summary

This report is all about the live case experience of the coffee case in Australia. The analysis of the shop will be given priorities. Some of the issues are how the service is being provided to the clients and the after sale services which are offered by this shop. The customer relation management in this shop is given much attention since the hotel management works on the basis of attracting and retaining its customers. The shop purely deals in proving food staffs to its clients and in this regard, it is recommended that it continues to operate on clean and attractive environment. (Hill, C. & Jones, G. 2012). The factors affecting the operation of the shop will be analyzed as well as how to improve the sales for better profits. The Coffee House has identified a suitable market and is resolute on becoming the coffee lovers point. This place is comfortable for everyone as they prepare for the day or sit down to wish away the stresses of life or even chat with friends over a cup of coffee. There is a growing demand for high quality coffee at a comfy place with great services.


This coffee cafe is located in the heart of Brisbane city in Queen Street next to James Cook University. It is one of the most famous cafes in Australia; it has a lot of branches inside and outside Brisbane city. The coffee business has been continually growing at a high pace in the last several years. This drink has become almost Australian’s favorite. Despite the recession that hit the world, this business seems to have defied all odds and continued to boom and expand. Coffee shops did not close down during this had time as compared to other business that packed up.( Hill, C. & Jones, G. 2012).

Situation analysis

Description of “ live case’ firm
The shop is located at the street next to James Cook University. It is also in the heart of the city. There are executive sitting arrangements inside and outside the shop which offers the customers a choice on where to sit. Customers do queue at the counter to receive their coffee and the waiters are so quick at offering services. The location of this coffee shop at the city andf next to the university makes it receive many customers than their competitors.

Marketing environment

The forces which influence the marketing of this shop can be said to be few number of employees. The customers have to queue for ling to be served. This makes the employees tired and this might lead to poor services. (Hill, C. & Jones, G. 2012). The clients might decide to leave the shop and lower down the sales. At the same time, the employees are so friendly to the customers and they keep on smiling at the customers. This makes appositive customer relation management.
Another force is that they don’t allow the use of credit cards for dollars which is more than 5. this encourages the use cash and for security purposes, people don’t like carrying cash. This restriction lowers down the sales and this exclude many customers who like using credit cards.

Target market, Strategy and Positioning

The coffee shop is targeting a population of persons who are interested in spicing up the life with great tasting coffee and an ambient and comforting environment. These customers are drawn from all works of life their ages, gender, political affiliation or even their monthly incomes. The main target market is the university students and other customers who may come from their various works. (McDonald, F. & Burton, F., 2002).
The strategy that is employed is getting more customers and retaining them once they visit. Ensuring that the customers spend more in the shop and ensuring they always have a reason to smile is vital. The shop is positioned strategically near university and at the center of the city. This makes it more accessible to many customers who may visit the shop.

Reflection on blog postings

Importance/Performance Matrix
The figure combines information about customer perceptions of performance and importance ratings. The quadrant marked number shows that the café needs to improve on the speed of services they offer since the customers are complaining on the time they take on the queues to be served by the cashier. The quality of food in this shop is good since no customer has claim a bout this. Therefore this attribute should be maintained as indicated in the quadrant marked 2 in the above figure.
The lower two quadrants contain attributes such as the type of the employees in the shop in terms of tribes. This is of no importance to the customers since it does not affect them in any way. Whether they are improved or not they have any effect to the customers.

Evaluation of the ‘ Live Case’ Internal Marketing Environment

The internal marketing environment of this coffee shop will be explained using the 7ps of marketing.
Source: www. clarity-in-communication. com
As it been illustrated in the above diagram, everything must be put together, with the needs and wants of your target market at the core of everything that you do.


The shop offers t its customers the best of coffee flavors. They have high quality ingredients which are vital in achieving this with the adherence to the recipe as provided. They also offer snacks to the clients which is eaten together with the coffee. They have various types of coffee flavor. The customers are satisfied with their products as evidenced by their regular visit. Customers are also provided with magazines and journals as they partake of their favorite drink. This coffee shop takes the advantage of the various products they offer such as hot mocha, ice and dessert. Cafe offers its customers a lot of attractive services, such as membership card that makes the customer receives discounts and gifts when you increase the number of purchases from the cafe, as well as Wi-Fi service, which allow the customer to use the Internet for free inside the cafe.(McDonald, F. & Burton, F., 2002).


The people who give services to the custome3rs are very friendly and motivating. Most of the workers keep on smiling and asking the clients what they want in a very good manner. The waiters are very clean and presentable while carrying out their duties to people. Customers are being served their favorite dishes and allowed to sit in places which are comfortable for them. The smile in the faces make the customers to feel at home and make them built a good rapport with the shop attendance. The employees at the hotel provide to the clients their best services by working extremely hard despite high work load.


Since the main target for this shop is the university students, the prices offered by this coffee shop are affordable. The students manage to afford coffee at this shop with a lot of ease. Despite the fact that the prices are affordable, they are a bit higher. The secret is that many customers relate higher prices with high quality products. (McDonald, F. & Burton, F., 2002). The shop is situated at the centre of the city where there are some other shops offering the same services. They use this strategy to beat their rivals since many businesses are managed on the basis of lowering prices.


This coffee cafe is located in the heart of Brisbane city in Queen Street next to James Cook University. This is a strategic positioning. This makes it more accessible to many customers who may visit the shop. The students are able to walk to the shop and other customers can also drive to this place since it is next to the road. The parking places are available and security provided. It is known that the closer the business to its customers the higher the sales. Therefore this contributes a lot to the success of this shop.


The main promotion tool used by this shop is the practice of effective use of customer relation management (CRM).(McDonald, F. & Burton, F., 2002). As earlier been discussed, the workers here are so friendly to the customers. They serve with a smile on their faces. The customer are happy a bout this since they feel welcomed and honored. Another promotion tool is the central positioning of the shop in the city and next to a university. Customers are able to spot the place even from a far. The signboards are placed at intervals a long the road with delicious dishes drawn on them. The type of sitting arrangements in the shop also makes the customers comfortable and they can either choose to sit at the executive place or outside the hotel.


There are two payment methods used in this shop; one can either use cash or credit card. This is very much effective and customers must not carry cash since the latter option is available to them. The processes which are used to offer services in this shop include the use of queues. People do appreciate this since it is very organized and no struggling is involved. The service is quick and very effective to all.

Physical evidence

Upon entering the shop, there is a soft soothing music coming across the walls. It makes the environment look cool and nice to have coffee in. The cafe consists of three places to sit, two internal and one external, internal sits have two models, the first one is classic, and the second is modern, Interior decor is very impressive, and is very nice to sit in. The place is clean and attractive making receive many customers. The sitting places are comfortable one can even sit back while watching the TV.

Sustainable marketing

The marketing plan for this shop is sustainable. They employ mostly the use of CRM which are very effective. (Hitt, A. 2009). This involves the contact with the customers and at the same time, get the customers; feedback. As from this live case, most of the customers leave the shop promising to come back. This means that the customers are being served to their satisfaction. The shop attendance also interacts by the customers by talking to them. They say sweet words which help in cooling down the customers who have bad moods.


The waiters in the shop keep on good manners at all the time and this shows the way the shop will continue to thrive. As per the research, the shop has got all it takes to compete and remain in the market for a very long time. The customer relation marketing tool which use is really working for them.( Hill, C. & Jones, G. (2012). The high standard level of service brought a sequence effect on marketing. Even the customer not involved would have a positive impression on the Coffee Shop after witnessing a good experience.


There are two kind of payment service in this shop which are; in cash and credit card payment, but there is a limit at least if you want to use the card is five dollars, This is the only negative in this café, and I would recommend the cafe to change it in the future in order to satisfy its customers. (Hill, C. & Jones, G. 2012). The other recommendation is that the management should employ more people. The employers work for a long time making them to get tired which might lead to poor services in the future.


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