Literature review on a days wait by ernest hemignway

Compare the Characters of Schatz and his father. What does the author say and imply about each of them? Consider both their speech- and their words and their actions.

Schatz and his father have been displayed by the author as having a strong bond with each other. This is mainly because the father is able to realize that his son has a problem and immediately organizes for some medical help. However, one thing he fails to notice is that his son has little understanding of what his health implies. Schatz is traumatized by the report of the doctor and counts himself dead because of the high temperatures. On the contrary, the dad patient in ensuring that his son takes the medication as prescribed. Even though he is surprised at the behavior of his son and the fact that he is not showing any improvement. After hours of waiting to see his death with no success and the fact that the father was curious about his improvement, Schatz decided to reveal what was bothering his mind. His father understands his son and explains more about his health which facilitated his recovery.

In narrating the story, the author was revealing to his audience the fact that some of the things that may seem obvious to some may not be to all. What a child understands and was told could have a lot of implications. The author also reveals the fact that recovery may have very little to do with medications but our attitudes. In spite of the medications that Schatz was administered with, it did not change his condition until when some of his fears were clarified. Good health has more to do with what a person thinks about themselves rather than what they are physically given. The author also reveals to us that despite the connection that close people have, they may miss out o each other and not quite understand what they need. It took quite some time before the father realized that there was something bothering his son’s mind. Their words and actions reveals their different levels of understanding and comprehension.