Library essays example

– Google OWL Purdue
The site tells us more about writing styles and referencing as Harvard, Chicago, APA, and MLA among others. What I have learnt from the site is how to work with APA texts as how to reference or create a biography by using different details as published books with one or more authors, journals, newspaper articles, and websites among others. I have also learnt how to put in text citations by using this style, how to create a cover page and also the general layout of a paper written in APA style.
I also got to explore different types of writing; learning for those who English is a second language, basic education for adults. I also got to know how to write better, tried professional writing and improved on my grammar.
– Google Iris Clark College
The site is very easy to navigate and it has very valuable information sources that range from book, journals, all print media, to visual and audio resources and even internet sources. The topic I choose to look into, information gathering, I found very many sources that I could get the information from. It started from the basics and takes you through to the complicated issues in gathering of data.
The tutorials are very well formulated to keep one’s concentration; also, they are framed in a language that is understandable. Also, they offer one a chance to digest the information before clicking to the next page for more information. This site is equally beneficial to students, teachers and even professionals.
The quiz taken was very informative too and it gauged my knowledge on various things like bibliography, searching books in a library, how to gather and narrow in on information from a wide array of information sources, use of websites to answer various questions among many other things. I also got to review primary and secondary sources of data and found out that most of Iris information is secondary.
– Online Database
The role that the chief executive officer (CEO) can play during a crisis is to be the firm’s spokesman. The article questions the time at which the CEO should step up or when does one know the crisis is dire enough to step up and act on behalf of the firm? The analysis of more than 30 crises in this paper has led to the inferences on when it is time for crisis communication for CEOs. The CEO should be able to revise any statements that the firm had issued in time of crisis in order to curb the loss of reputation in the firm, also, he should be able to stand up for the firm in the beginning of the crisis. This study however, is exploratory with some bits having a lot of information while others do not.
(Lucero, M., TengKwang, A. T. & Pang, A. (2008). ” Crisis leadership: when should the CEO step up?”, paper presented at CCI Conference. NY, CCI, pp. 3-18.)
– Plagiarism tutorial
I learnt that plagiarism is copying one’s work without acknowledging them. This is an unethical practice that can be avoided if one cites the source they got the information form. To avoid plagiarism one should know how to go about paraphrasing the words of others and not copying directly from a source. Various quotations may be used so as a written paper not be seen as plagiarized.