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European Crisis
This continuous crisis had been a problem to most countries in Europe from as early as 2009 a delegation of 10 eastern and central Europe banks demanded a bailout. During this time, European commission, EU announced a forecast of 1. 8% decrease in their economic output for that year. Hungary and Finland therefore got extended liquidity support from ECB and Latvia got a bailout from European Commission. This is believed to be a joint combination of government debt crisis, growth and competitive crisis. This crisis proved it difficult for European countries to repay their government debt without the help of the ECB or IMF. Undercapitalization too, of banks in Europe contributed to it as they faced liquidity and debt problems. This also slowed down the economic growth in this zone as it was unevenly distributed within member states. Meanwhile, the governments of states mostly severely affected by this crisis have tried to coordinate their actions. A committee by the name ‘ The Troika’ who has constituting member organizations are; European Commission, Central Bank and International Monetary Fund takes care of this issue.
Fiscal verses Monetary Economic Policy
Fiscal policy stimulates the slowing of the economy through the tax cuts while the spending the rises. Increase in spending does take place quickly while the tax cuts may take a long time to cause an impact on gross spending and output.
In monetary policy, through Federal Reserve Act, The Federal Reserve System and Federal Market Committee should be in the forefront in promoting some excellent employment goals, long term and mode rest interest rates with stable prices. Through this principle, Federal Reserve can regulate the value of money and credit plus their price-interest rates thereby influencing employment, output and general level of prices.
Legislative Branch of Government in Italy
The legislature is composed of the lower house, which is the chamber of deputies and the upper house comprising of senate. Despite the houses being legally equal, the Chamber of Deputies has influence that is more political and most Italy’s vocal politicians do fall in this chamber. All house members are elected by popular votes for a term of 5years in office. The Senate has 315 seats while that of Chamber of Deputies has 630 seats and another 10 seats reserved for ‘ life members’ who includes past presidents and honorary nominees’. A voter must be of 25years of age to cast his or her vote for Senate while in other elections, 18years is the minimum age to vote. To vie for Senatorial seat, one has to be of 40 years and above, and for the Chamber of Deputies, the contestant has to 25years and above.
The Executive Branch of Government in Italy
This is composed of the President, Council of Ministers and the Civil Service. The president is elected on a 7-year term by a joint session of parliament from 58 regional representatives. He or she should be at least 50 years of age. The Prime Minister, who is as well a presidential appointee from the party with the largest representation in the House of Chamber of Deputies, is the most influential government figure since he is tasked with many duties although the president who heads the government.
Changing of President in Italy
The president is in Italy is usually elected by the parliament and the regional representatives. There is a term of 7 years renewable on an optional basis.
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