International business – final analysis and conclusion

Potential Impact on Products Business operations in many multinationals including Six Flags Entertainment Corp have become very dynamic and competitive. In this regard, there are various potentials impact to both domestic. Likewise, Six Flags Entertainment Corporation being the largest domestic amusement park firm domestically, the impact might translate in the new international market in Singapore based on the several of properties and strategies.
In the international market Six Flags Entertainment Corp might take advantage of its vast experience in operating various successful amusement parks in United States and Mexico. Seeking international expansion by moving into global market as an exporter- importer offers various opportunity aplenty. Through entering the global scene, Six Flags Entertainment Corp learn how to compete better domestically through adoption of workable foreign strategies. Likewise, they might compete effectively against international companies-and easily take the battle to these foreign companies on their own arena.
The domestic and foreign potential impact of Six Flags Entertainment Corp in Singapore puts into question the overriding question to go global and the need to improve their potential for growth and expansion. This is in light with the potential challenges such as personnel and conflicting cultural setup to the traditional domestic market.
Potentially selection and evaluation methods of distributing might impact on product abroad. Thus Six Flags Entertainment Corp can choose from various means for distributing product that have succeed in traditional market, from creating foreign subsidiaries that are company-owned to working with both domestic and foreign agents, distributors and representatives. All these might assist the company to reduce the risks associated with foreign engagement.
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