Inequality between men and women

During the 70th decade, there Is inequality between men and women. Men tended to dominate women. They wanted to be followed and not contradicted by anyone when It comes In decision making. For them, women are weak and can’t live without them. Men are really annoying because they thought that a woman’s life depends on them. They are full of confidence and egoistic bastard and treated woman like a dog who waited for their master’s instruction, obeyed them and if failed to do so then you’ll pay for It.

Woman waited for them to come home in such no time and they did to even realized that she Is worried about them. The moment when Amanda asked Julian if he allowed her to work, it feels bad when Julian didn’t allow Amanda to work because I know that she Just wanted to help her husband and earnmoneyfor herfamilybut she only got a shouting words from Julian that results on losingrespectfor herself.

It really feels good that it happened years ago because if it happened today, studying of a woman Is useless because her mind, body and soul stay at home and decayed Inside her. Whenmartial lawdeclared, the beliefs of each family member were different with ACH other. The country freedom was lost that is why Jules was against martial law and help the NAP. I agree to him when he said that no matter what happen, you have to fight for what you think is right because I cannot tolerate people to abuse my family and country using the power as a military members.

Who will fight for our freedom If no one try to rise and fight for principles? None, because we will stay coward until the present time If we cannot stand and fight for our own principles. Martial law in the Philippines refers to several intermittent periods in Philippine story wherein the Philippine head of state (such as the President) proclaims that an area is placed under the control of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Martial law is declared either when there is near-violent civil unrest or in cases of major natural disasters, however most countries use a different legal construct Like ” state of emergency’. Typically, the imposition of martial law accompanies curfews, the suspension of civil law, civil rights, habeas corpus, and the application or extension of military law or military Justice to civilians. Civilians defying martial law may be subjected to military tribunals (court-martial).