Inclusive education

Inclusive Education As per the book is given (Teaching with special needs in inclusive setting) it is clear thatthe authors of this book have made their point clear about teaching students

irrespective of whether a student is physically handicap, having disabilities, an elder or aged

person or a normal student studying in a same school, in a same class with equal consideration to

all the students, it also includes ways and methods of teaching all the students simultaneously

through which all the students can be comfortable whether it is a student with disabilities or with

out disabilities, which makes this book different from the other books which only includes either

ways and methods about teaching students simultaneously in one classroom or either only about

discussing about Inclusive Education.

The authors of this book have mentioned a clear idea about teaching students with

special needs in inclusive setting i. e. teaching students having disabilities with normal students in

same class room which will make them more comfortable. The book also includes about the

Inclusive education i. e. methods of teaching all the students simultaneously and the ways of

making them comfortable with everyone.

Inclusive means including everything mentioned with in a limit or without respect to a

limit and according to the book it means including everyone in the classroom from students with

and without disabilities to elderly student. Inclusive can be defined as the stated limit or extremes

in consideration or account or including a great deal of thing concerned, according to the book

Inclusive means including all the students of different age group, with and without disabilities in

one school, one classroom. In other words it states that include all the students in one class and

teach them.

Inclusive education means that all students in a school, regardless of their strength or

weakness in any area, becoming part of the school community. They are included in the feeling

of belonging among other students, teachers and other staff. According to the acts of different

communities such as IDEA and UNESCO, which states and makes it, clear that schools, have a

duty to educate children with disabilities in general education classrooms. This book helps

special education teachers, parents, general education teachers and school staff to help provide

some answers about how inclusive education can be accomplished. The principles of Inclusive

Education is supported by more number of publications, workshops, policy papers, etc… Some

of the organizations and people, however, express reservation as to whether ordinary classrooms

can be providing optimal quality education for handicapped children’s. I say education can be

provided to all the students irrespective of whether the student is handicap or with disabilities or

an elderly person in one some school if the school is having proper ways and methods of

teaching, special teachers who can provide education to all the students at the same time and

most important thing is students who are handicap and with disabilities should be supported by

the normal students who study with them which will make them much more comfortable and

confident as whether a physically handicap or a disable, he/she is a part of our future and society

and they should be equally considered and supported.

Conclusion: In my view this book brings out a very good and social topic in which every

one should take interest because or society is not as perfect as we think, we should give an

approximately equal consideration to the disables and handicap as they are a part of our future

and society. And this book brings out or makes it easy to take our decision with respect to the

Inclusive Education.