Improve nursing leadership project

Improvement of Nursing Leadership Insert Insert Outline The paper about improving the nursing leadership project follows an introductory statement; where an overview is provided. In that regard, goals and objectives of such a project follow and are elaborated succinctly. The project should contain a time schedule and is expounded by the text.
Basing on the outlines, leadership is the ability to know about and the conversion of visions into a reality. Not only in the nursing department, has to be exercised across the healthcare provision. The idea that patients are treated with dignity and respect at all times id the core vision that every nurse holds dearly to their hearts. The work that they do will have to benefit the user and from that, they will gain respect. To achieve this vision, a sole responsibility of leadership that follows policies, philosophy, priorities, and power relationship of the health centers has to be practiced effectively.
To achieve and improve the nursing leadership, there are objectives that have to be laid.
An individual must be committed to excellence
Must have the ability to measure things that are Important
Must build a culture around the service
Have to create and develop leaders
Employee’s satisfaction must be their focus
Accountability to every individual must be build
Recognizing and rewarding upon success
Action plan
All leadership at the varying levels will be utilized in the process. Being a leader in the nursing field means your primary drive is the process of change to your staff. The nurses will experience new changes, and the changes need to be absorbed by the skilled staff as they are implemented within a time frame of 5 weeks. From this move, a challenge will arise because some members are not programmed to change and will take place 2 hours daily and three days of the working week. Because of this rigidness, the new employees will have a mentality that the skills got from school will be directed to the workplace, and their performance will reduce. Those who begin and adopt the change will be rewarded to encourage the others.
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