Hospitality management

I have learnt quite a lot of things that can be applied to the hospitality industry from this particular First and foremost, Fredrick Taylor’s concept of scientific management is applicable to the hospitality industry. This concept is primarily concerned with breaking work tasks into manageable components and it can be seen that it is applicable to the hospitality industry. Different people are hired and trained to perform different tasks in order to improve productivity in the industry. Essentially, the success of the company in this sector is mainly dependent on its productivity.
The other important thing that I have learnt from this course is that managers have a very important role to foster organizational commitment among the members of the company. This significantly helps the members to identify with the company. There are various steps that can be taken in order to create commitment among the employees. It is important to motivate them as well as to create a flexible working environment where they are also in a position to fulfil their work-life goals. In the hospitality industry, the employees need to be motivated so that they can create an identity with the company they work for. This also helps to improve their performance.
The other thing that I have acquired from this course is related to the aspect of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is just the same as internal motivation towards your own work. If you work in the hospitality industry, you ought to have internal motivation so that you can also be in a position to set your own goals in relation to your work. As individuals, we all have our own goals and aspirations to achieve to achieve at our workplace as well as personal goals. A fine balance between the two should be created so that we can develop that internal motivation that helps us to put more effort in our operations.
I have also learnt that personal values are very important when operating in the hospitality industry. These are comprised of beliefs which shape our behaviour in the workplace. When dealing with other people especially in the hospitality industry, it is essential to be honest and truthful. I have realised that this personal value helps to create mutual trust with the clients. I have also noted that responsibility is another personal value that should always shape our behaviour in the hospitality industry since we should all be accountable for our actions.
Above all, teamwork is very important in the hospitality industry. Through teamwork, members are in a position to share their ideas which can help in the generation of knowledge that can be used to improve their knowledge. It is quite easy to attain your desired goals if you work as a team. The same applies to the hospitality industry. Mutual understanding is likely to be created among people who work as a team rather than individuals particularly in an organization. The goals of the organization can also be easily achieved where there is synergy of efforts among the team members. Through teamwork, it can also be seen that conflicts can be minimised since all the members are committed towards the attainment of the same goals.