Homework frenzy?

I’ve heard that being a Junior is the hardest year of highschool since I was age 8. I always dreaded becoming a Junior because of that statement. Now that I am a Junior, all I have to say is- What is up with all the homework? The honors classes aren’t terribly difficult, as a matter of fact, I actually like my honor classes better than just regular classes.

In honors classes, I’m at least in a class with people who worry about their grades just as much as I do. The downside of being in honors is all the papers you have to write. As a Junior, I know I must take a writing assessment and I know I will have quite a few practice papers to write. At least there’s a purpose to that work. I have six classes a day, two of which are honors classes.

I usually get assigned homework in a minimum of four classes, if I’m lucky. I come home from a seven hour school day and spend four-five more hours doing homework. I open my first homework assignment at 4: 00 everyday and if I’m having a good day, I’m wrapping up at 8: 30. Last Thursday, I had to skip going to see my sister play in the band because I had to stay home and do homework and study for two tests. I had four assignments due the very next day in just one class. I know what you’re probably thinking, “ She waited until the very last minute to do her homework, it’s all her fault.

” Let me tell you, I didn’t wait. I got assigned these four assignments as I was walking out the door after the bell. So, remember that, four assignments already. I had to add a reading and note taking assignment to that, and then 15 more problems that wasn’t taught in class, so I spent most of my time on the internet looking up just how to do it before I could even start the actual homework. Is there a purpose to have to do four-five hours worth of homework? I know that state standards have gone up, but people do have other things to do when they’re home.

Some of my friends work everyday after coming home from school. How are they expected to sit down and do that much homework after spending three hours or more on their feet at a job? Is it necessary to assign such useless assignments? Most of my assignments don’t even have anything to do with the class I’m taking. I’m not naming classes nor am I naming the assignments that are seeming to take over my life. If you think teens aren’t stressed, read my life example and conclude an idea from it. On Saturday, I was woken up by my dog barking.

I looked around my room for a clock and couldn’t find one so I rolled over and found my cellphone. I clicked a button to look at the time. I saw 6: 47am and shot out of bed, ripped through my door, and ran to the bathroom to try and get ready for school. My mom came and knocked on the door and asked what I was doing. After I was dressed, I opened the door and looked at my mom and told her I only had twenty minutes to get ready for school before I had to leave.

She looked at me and sighed and told me it was Saturday and to go back to bed. Isn’t that a sign I have too much stress? How many more students suffer from stress from school? Four in ten students say they endure stress often. Nearly one if five say they feel it all or most of the time. Most of my friends feel the same way I do. When is it too much? When will people see how much stress they place on teen’s shoulders? Once the damage is done, you cannot take it back. Students suffer more than what anybody else knows.

Panic attacks, anxiety, stress, mental and physical issues, and sleeping issues are just some of the problems teens face due to homework and exams. Sophomore year, homework was more weekly than daily. Now that I’m four weeks into being a Junior, I haven’t even gotten a chance to sit down and watch tv. I’m lucky to get to bed at 10: 00. I’ve heard the phrase, “ Use your time wisely because Junior moments are very precious” almost every day from most of my teachers.

I have to agree because even my weekends, my two days with my family, have to be spent, guess what, doing more homework! Not only do I spend seven hours at school, come home and spend four-five hours doing homework a night, but I also spend ten-twelve hours a weekend doing that glorious Friday homework. Yeah, I guess you could say my Junior moments are precious. They are spent with my head in a book, and my wrist cramping from writing so much. People say to enjoy your high school years, but I can’t imagine myself enjoying cramps, stress, and homework. Just because we’re now the infamous Juniors does not automatically mean to load us up with homework. I’m lucky to have the supportive family that I do have that understands my stress level and offers to help in what ever ways they can.

What about the kids who’s family doesn’t care as much? The family can add to the stress level and in turn, make the child more stressed. Many people have a bad opinion about teenagers because we’re mean and hateful. I’ll admit, some teens are, but half the time I’m hateful just because I don’t have time to worry about other people’s problems. I have to worry about my averages, homework that is coming due, tests, exams, ways to get everything that I need home, and finding the time to do everything. I have bruises on my arms and my hip from all the pressure all the books put on me. Isn’t that a little much? I think so.

This is only the fourth week of my Junior year and I’m understanding why people drop out so much. If I didn’t have such high goals for myself, I would seriously consider it. Isn’t that a little unfortunate that teens feel like this?