Health care marketing reflection assignment

Echo Health Care Marketing- Obesity As the Americans debate of what is most to blame for the nations obesity epidemic, the researchers say they have the strongest evidence yet that sugary drinks play a leading role and eliminating them would, more than any other single step, make a huge difference (Hajj, 2015). That being said they estimate the effects of fast food restaurants advertising on children as well as the adolescents being overweight.

There is a basic idea which is related to the obesity infiltrate which is the root of the obesity problem that lies in the powerful social and cultural forces which promote an energy rich diet and a sedentary lifestyle” (Browne & Horned, 2004). The environment has intensified over the past 30 years by opening more fast foods restaurants and more advertising, the economics of food and being able to make it clear that the profit motive of the food industry is not consistent with our current nutritional needs for our population.

According to Hajj, the estimated effects of fast DOD restaurants advertising on children as well as the adolescent being overweight (2015). That being said with a ban on these types of advertising would reduce the number of overweight children age 3 to 11 in a fixed population by over 18 percent, the causes range from the lack of education about food, limited cooking skills, as well as limited money to buy the healthier food to longer working hours. As well as the marketing campaigns for Junk food, which is aimed at the kids (Hajj, 201 5)?

With the dramatic rise in obesity one thing can be explained by the environmental factors, hat there has been little emphasis on the obese person’s economic environment (Hajj, 2015). The broader problem lies with the growing disparities in incomes as well as wealth, declining value of minimum wage, food imports, tariffs and even trade. There is evidence coming out that obesity in American is seen as a large economic issue (Hajj, 2015). The Jobs have become less strenuous and people must pay a higher price to exercise (Hajj, 2015).

With the calories that have become relatively cheaper and the exercise becoming more expensive, rising obesity rates will increase. According to Hajj (201 5), obesity affects poor children disproportionately, 20 percent of low income children are obese, compared with the 12 percent from more affluent families. The health economists have once demonstrated that the prevalence of obesity is directly proportional to the food prices and access to restaurants (Hajj, 2015).

One types of Marketing Being that all aspects in healthcare can be marketed in different way obesity is marketed in so many ways, such as televisions, social media as well as social and much more. Social marketing is considered to be an important tool when it comes to he delivery of healthcare services (Arras, 2011). That being said social marketing is needed for any healthcare program as well as project such as “ Health People 2020” to be successful, community; consumer participation is something which is considered to be required.

According to Arras there are four principles of social marketing which can guide the policy makers and healthcare providers to successfully plan as well as implement health programs (2011). Understanding social marketing it is seen as a process that applies marketing principles and techniques to create, communicate ND deliver value in order to influence target audience behaviors which will benefit society (public health, safety, the environment and communities as well as those who are the targeted audience (Arras, 2011).

Opinion on current health care marketing Healthcare marketing is something we will always see but knowing if the marketing strategies are right for society is the question. Taking on the issue of obesity is something I have seen marketing fail, it hurts the issue since fast food restaurants advertise so much using television, social media and then the social aspects are horrible. Although marketing is good in ways but also bad in many more.

There are things shown on televise that really shouldn’t be marketed out to the public and then there are those things that need to be marketed out to the public so I guess it is a hand those of it being good and bad. Time will tell on how the marketing is one all industries and healthcare is something we all rely on no matter what has been seen. So do our opinions really mean anything because we all have different reasons and answers to questions when it comes to something like marketing in healthcare?

Current techniques [consumer trends According to Kenneth, Hanson, Crow, & Hartman, when examining the healthcare industry there is a need for continuing education with internal functions (2005). It is also equally shown to be important to success in the healthcare industry are those external functions such as marketing which we have been talking about (Kenneth, Hanson, Crow, & Hartman, 2005). Consumer trends tend to fall all over the place when it comes to the marketing there are ones which never tend to go toward the marketing that is before them and then there are those who fall for all marketing hypes on anything they see.

Positive or negative effects As we talk about the consumer trend and how something has an effect such as positive and negative time is what will tell the truth of how something has been affected. Positive as well a negative effect are seen every day throughout society and when it comes to the topic of obesity I see more negative effects then I do positive ones. Conclusion Yes there are so many different types of marketing which can be used in the healthcare industry and time will tell which is beneficial and which aren’t beneficial.