Government and democracy report (assessment)

It is possible to increase voters’ morale by reducing the number of restrictions in voter registration process. For example, extending the registration deadline will increase the number of voters in an election. In addition, if America declares the Election Day a national holiday, people will have time to spend on the voting queues, which will increase the rate of voter turnout.

It is necessary to increase the number of restrictions on lobbying. For example, the ‘ revolving door’ phenomenon should change in order to increase restrictions. For a person to join lobbying, it is necessary to undergo a vetting process to check his or her credibility. In addition, a person who has left politics must spend at least 5 years before becoming a lobbyist. Such changes will decrease the influence of lobbyists on national matters.

Politicians like Senator Spencer Abraham argue that a national primary is likely to create the phenomenon of frontloading. Aspirants will need to have huge amounts of money to fund their nation-wide political campaigns.

A national primary is the best way to conduct the US presidential primaries and caucuses because it will reduce the influence that outcomes of some states have on others. Normally, some candidates gain an upper hand in the outcome of certain states just because winning in other states create euphoria.

In some cases, justices act from partisan positions, but this should never be the case. Permitting this will allow personal convictions take effect, with people getting the wrong justice. Although the American Supreme Court has the last say, Americans have some available recourse that could reduce partisanship in the courts.

For instance, the people have the power to vet the judges. The people, through mass actions and popular politics, can press for changes in the law. This will leave the congress and the senate with no other choice than to hear their public voices and amend laws in order to allow vetting of judges. This will determine their credibility and capacity to make partisan rulings.

Although European democracies provide the government-paid free health care for their citizens that Americans lack, the American system is the best for the nation. It is not good to judge the American health care system in comparison with European systems because of some differences in their social and economic systems.

First, unlike the European nations, America faces the problem of illegal immigration, which makes it difficult to provide government-paid free health care to every citizen. Unlike Europe, America has low-income neighbors such as Mexico and the Latin America, where people are looking for any possible way to get into the US. If we adopt free healthcare for all citizens, American will attract a large number of illegal immigrants.

In an ideal America, equality, liberty and self-government should play an important role in national security policy. Liberty is a core value that should provide the people with their rights to security. Equality should ensure that every American citizen enjoys his or her freedom and rights, regardless of the ethnic, social, cultural, political and economic background.

Finally, the value of self-government should allow states and local authorities practice their jurisdictions to provide security to their citizens to the best of their ability and in respect to the constitution of the United States.