Good example of gay marriage research paper

Gay marriage is a type of union between two love partners who are of the same sex, especially the male gender. In the United States, marriage of the gay is recognized legally by the federal government and some jurisdictions. A total of eight tribal jurisdictions of the Native Americans are known to issue marriage certificates for couples of the same sex. The main problem of sex marriage in the United States is that it faces great opposition from arguments on religious concerns and parenting concerns. They are seen as changes that would affect the definition of marriage by including incest and polygamy. This opposition is viewed as a total violation of the human rights according to the law.
Same sex marriage cannot be conducted legally in China especially in Taiwan. This region does not have any recognized same-sex unions. The main issue and challenged this type of marriage suffers is the level of public support. This is a crucial factor that might compromise the lives of participating parties. Therefore, for a couple to perform a same-sex marriage, they must be fully aware of the level of public support around them.
The people who practice same-sex marriage are being denied their human rights. Everyone has a right to choose whoever partner they would like to end up with so long as it doesn’t interfere with the rights of any other individual. Therefore, the law denying them their legal rights of having these types of marriages is a violation of the human rights. There is clear evidence from arrests that have been made to people who have had same sex marriage in especially in China.
Related problem that may be obvious and invisible is mainly from the society’s point of view. There have been a side law issues that most of the governments might not have heard of. There have been cases where same-sex couples have been burnt or stoned to death just because it is not acceptable in the society.
My intended audience of for this essay is the government who are the law makers and enforcers to consider the rights of these people, and the general public to allow and absorb these people into the society by respecting their decisions so long as it doesn’t affect and involve them.
M e together with my peers can educate the general community and the government as well on the need to understand the biological issues involved in same-sex marriage. Coming up with movements to foster campaigns to support these couples would be our greatest deal.