Good example of book review on the bible dictionary review

The dictionary is a very useful book in any area of study; it provides the definition needed by students or any person who has an interest in any field of study. It provides the right reference now only to words but also some issues that need clarification. There are very few bible dictionaries; however, most of them are not detailed and just give a highlight and simple definitions without t making in-depth explanation.
The Bible Dictionary is written by John . Davis and who is a professor of Semitic Philology and the Old Testament History. The Bible Dictionary is very useful for Bible Students since it is a one volume bible guide. The author has given detailed information and not just a summary like other dictionaries have done. All the canonical book of the Old and New Testaments have been covered in the dictionary with the author using a chronological analysis in the description. The definitions are drawn from the bible and not based on imaginations; the definition is done alphabetically with names of people and places been defined. The spelling of various names might change, but the author has tried to use the exact name where applicable. After the definition is given, the author gives various verses in the Bible where the word has been used, and this makes it easier for the reader to understand. In the explanations there are articles that have been to give a detailed explanation to the issues being addressed.
There are various articles in the dictionary one of them being the altar about the alter for making sacrifices by prophets and other people in the Old Testament. Different material were used to build the altar which included clay, stones and even metal. There were fundamental laws for the Hebrew later which had to be followed any time that people were making sacrifices. The altar was placed in the tabernacle which had two alters, the altar of burnt offering and the altar of incense. The altar of burat was placed at the main entrance of the tabernacle and was made of acacia wood reinforced by brass. All the sacrifices were made at this alter which symbolized the greatness of Christ. The altar of incense was placed before the mercy seat which was in front of the veil. Incests were burnt on this alter which symbolized the early church’s obligation to offer adorable sacrifices to Christ. After Solomon finished building the temple, a bigger later was made, this was used in the temple for making offerings to GOD. Two alters one made from brass and the other from Gold were made, and they were the only permanent alters . Prophets were also allowed to make alters when they needed to make sacrifices or burn incense in situations where they were not in the temple, the law and uses of the alter were guided by the fundamental law. The alter did not only serve the purpose of offerings to GOD; it was also used as a mark of GOD’S power, the two and half tribes of Israel built an altar that was used to mark the people’s affinity to the blood of their fellow tribesmen who had crossed the Jordan River. The article gives details about the alter and the laws which guided the people to use this holy place of worship.
The second article is a detailed explanation of Ba’al. This was a sun-god whom the children of Israel worshiped when they turned away from GOD and started worshiping idols. Baal represented different elements of the solar system and its center of worship was Phoenicia and spread to other neighboring countries. During the reign of King Ahab, the worship of Baal was almost surpassing that of Jehovah in Israel. The prophets of Baal were trying to compete with Elijah, and they did not believe i the superiority of GOD. The prophets met Elijah on Mt. Carmel, the meeting on the mountains marked the killings of many of Baal’s prophets. Athariah the wife of Jehovah showed her support for Baal but after overthrow all the temples that were used in worshiping Baal were destroyed. Mattau, who was the chief priest among those who were worshipping Baal, was also killed. Other prophets such as Jeremiah were strongly against the worship of Baal. This article explains the rise of Baal worship in Israel and also its fall.
The third article analysis the creation story as it is in the book of Genesis. GOD created only through words by issuing words. All living creatures depend on GOD for life since He is the giver and taker of Life. The article reviews the creation story as given in the book of Genesis in chapter one and two. There are six successive acts of creation as explained in the book of Genesis. There is also the Babylonian theory of creation which is explained by the myth of Marduk, who is the sun’s god. According to this myth, the Babylonians believe in two principles of creation which are the Tauthe and Apason. There is also an explanation on the definition of the what day and night are according to the Genesis creation theory. The article gives the reader a better understanding of the creation story and also one gets to understand the book of Genesis better.
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