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Book Review

Since human beings do not live on isolation, through relating with others be it at the workplace, institutions or even in streets, they respond naturally when called upon to help. Confusion normally clicks in an individual mind whenever called upon to help but the authors enhance a way to conquer these confusions in every undertaking. The most surprising idea that the book portrays is individual’s reaction to assist when called upon. The authors attribute that response to nature of human beings. As a future nonprofit leader, the book assists in drawing a line between professionalism and the call to help. For example, the authors portray how a nurse allows a patient to die in his arms as opposed to a machine. The nurse is a profession who is mandated to take care of patients, but that action goes beyond what the nurse earns. It thus guides an aspiring nonprofit leader to go beyond what one is mandated to do so as to help those in need. From the book’s reflections, at helping others and achieving gains from these actions are evident. As a student, whenever one helps another student to solve an academic problem, the student gains knowledge through practice. Providing the service to others in everyday life is a core value derived from the book. Consequently, the book helps an individual to understand themselves and their reactions when called upon to help others. The concept of honoring one’s effort and the action of transferring that energy to others is essential for an individual who aims at operating a charitable institute.
In conclusion, the authors derive their book by helping individuals to understand better what helping relates to and understanding the theme of helpfulness.