Global world challenges for muslim

Globalizationhas a big influence to Muslim populations and it brings huge impacts to the world in every single aspect. Plus, global economy is one of the greatest things happened directly proportional to the rise of globalization. The concept of globalization brings thecultureof being competitive among people and surely Muslims are Included. Countries around the world compete with each other In order to gain thesuperpoweras the top global nations.

Though America Is believed to be eager in the near future, but still its influence on the global economy will probably make them to remain strong. This can be seen through the efforts made by the United States nation showing their ability to resolve global crises and their soft power in the field of economy (New Straits Times, 2012). In that matter, they will be able to fight against Incoming competitors to surpass them so that they will remain being the first among equal. However, for Muslims communities, TLS phenomenon has become a challenge for them as the chances in dominating the global economic sector still far way.

As Muslims have lesser chances to be as one of the top rank countries, they tend to follow and adapt what have been posed by the Western. Instead of creating an innovative ideas and great productivity, these issues will create an unhealthy culture among Muslims communities where they will belief behind In economic- based sector and thus, becoming passive communities. In short, less attention given to Muslims has actually become a minor obstacle for this population to move forward towards success.

In addition to that, most Muslims who are living in underdeveloped entries are facing a big problem of dominating the world economics even to get involved the global economic sectors is another issue. As a result to fewer chances provided for Muslims in this sector, this will only reduce or limit the Muslims’ achievement towards the success of this sector. Surely, Muslims will not be able to show the world their talents In organizing this economic field so that to gain others’ certainty about their own ablest that the world has misinterpreted for every now and then.

Likewise, the world will see Muslims as weak, fragile and useless communities living together in a small alienated population. To add this, Hannah, (n. D) also comes out with a smart argumentation saying that human resources act as path to the development of Muslim communities. This however explains the critical element, human resources need attention from Muslims community If they aspire to be significant In the global economic. In other words, the economic growth will likely be depended on the human productivity values itself, which need to be developed and strengthened due to recent global competition.

Another element which also becomes a great challenge for Muslim populations in the immediate future iseducation. Education has becomes great indicator to measure the development of certain countries and communities, since education shapes the future of a country whether to be success or not. The world perceives changed easily through great education and knowledge. The problem in education arises when Muslims are not given the same and equal chance to seek knowledge like the Western people. People in Western country may have big opportunity in seeking knowledge as they own most of the great universities in the world.

Warren Buffet, the intelligent investor, has shown the world how a brilliant guy survives to come the most successful person in the world. (Kenton, 2014) The excellence inacademicdoes contribute much in constructing the strategies for Buffet to become a Billionaire today. Meanwhile, that opportunity does not happened in the same way for Muslim communities. As they have been isolated within a big community when they migrate to a Western country, they are not being given same privileges in education as well.

The challenges faced by Muslims to further their studies become harder when there are only limited chances in education provided for Muslim populations. This forever has a very much dependency with the aspect of Muslims’ social background. To be cleared, most Muslim countries all around the world suffer the issue ofpoverty. Not only being the subject of poverty, Muslims are also subjected todiscriminationand prejudices for they have always be seen as unimportant to become knowledgeable even to seek knowledge.

All in all, Muslims who do afford to pay the high amount of educational fees will choose not to further their study to reduce their burden of having to pay expensive educational fees. This will result in their in their interest towards education, where they will be no longer interested to seek knowledge as they have been dropped out due to incomplete fees payment, as well as the lacking of formal education. Even though this case is quite common among Muslim countries, yet it also attacks the Western as well.

For example, being a rich and well developed country like America has never stopped this country to urge their students with expensive educational fees. This will cause the school drop-outs to find other alternatives as a mean of continuing their life(Reemerged, n. D). In short, education plays as an important element which triggers one’s well life being, thus the limitations in education among Muslim populations has become a prominent barrier for them to move forward. The problem of getting an education does not stop there. This is because, even Muslim communities have their own restrictions in seeking knowledge in some countries.

This is what happens in Saudi Arabia in which the women have not been only restricted to seek knowledge, yet they are also not allowed to drive and authoritative the permission from their male guardians(” Saudi Arabia”, 2013). In other words, restriction to gain knowledge is also considered as one of the barriers happened within the Muslim communities that may lead to the declination of social development among populations. To have a great country also means to acquire a great society. Every culture and society in the world today is facing many complex moral and social challenges.

The major issue in developing social values in the Muslim communities is the influences ofsocial media. The development of human behavior begins at the early age of children. Being in rapid growth stage has however asses teenagers and children to Just follow blindly what they may perceive as true without having any detailed experimentation to it. This increases their chances to be and others. All in all, these can be seen through their peculiar attitudes as well as dressing style. Feller highlights the rise of pornographic elements in children’s clothing in United States leads to further moral decline (Feeler, 2013).

This culture is unhealthy because it promotes the unethical manners in dressing thus encourages teenagers to dress in that way. Len other words, minor factor sometimes can also be racial to a problem whether it helps to reduce the problem or to boost the problem causing it to be more serious. With no doubt, pornographic issue in dressing style has actualities the sub or minor contributor to the larger problem which areteenage pregnancyand baby dumping. This sounds shocking but it does happen. In Malaysia, for example, a Muslim country, the case of unwedteen pregnancyhas reached to the critical stage (Shah, 2014) at this recent day.

This issue is closely related to the moral declination where it is initiated by the improper education and guidance from parents. The statistic of four consequent years’ research shows that more than one thousand unwed teen pregnancies have occurred in Malaysia, starting from 2010 to 2013. This indicates the huge number and most unpredictable statistic in Malaysia involving the under-age teenagers. According to Alicia Shah (2014), as cited in Mad Hussy, the total number of unwed teen pregnancies for two year between 2011 and 2012 is 8405 Another challenge which has always become a nightmare for the Muslims is ‘Claustrophobia’.

It is understandable that challenges towards Muslims do not only occur in the field of economy, education and social but also in a way Muslims receive feedbacks from the people all over the world. To be cleared, Claustrophobia refers to a form ofracismbeing labeled to Muslims (Marci, 2004). Without realizing, the voice of anti-Muslim has been rapidly spread to global world, especially in the Western country. Muslims have been viewed as terrorists in the eyes of Western people.

Head (2013) agrees that, Western people have always misinterpreted Muslims as a symbol ofviolencebesides of their intractability to make any changes whenever they have been asked to. Even though, it is not the actual guru that reflect the true Islam yet Muslims have suffered this for quite long time. According to Harmony, there are some misunderstandings of people’s views, failureto differentiate between true Islam and extremism which later becomes the root of Claustrophobia(Harmony, 2014). Claustrophobia doesn’t exist itself but it has been shaped by people’s perspective.

For example, the Western who are being too judgmental towards Muslims always reflects any bad deeds done by Muslims as a mean to describe Islam as a whole. Later, they conclude that Islamic teachings as a form ofterrorism. In other word, Westerners bad perception towards Muslims can be reduced once they understand and open ways for Muslims to explain what Islam is all about. Plus, inabilities of Muslim communities themselves to give the correct picture of Islam also boost Claustrophobia. This is again used by teethe radical Islamic terrors to describe Islam as a whole.

Likewise, Claustrophobia affects the entire world of Islamic community. The huge impact can be seen in Muslim territory after the official term of Claustrophobia has been claimed, declared and well spread to the whole Western countries. One example can be seen through the tragedy of 9/1 1 here Muslims have been blamed for that tragedy as well as the bombing of the world trade centre building. This lead to the establishment of many organizations Western land (” The year in hate and extremism”, 2014). The Claustrophobia has been portrays how social media gather all blames towards Muslims at any global issue of criminals.

Moreover, the treatments Muslim at the West Country get are also dreadful to relief in that critical moment. Muslims have been pictured as bad, immoral, cruel and deviated from society. At the meantime, the world will not welcome Muslim populations even they keep increasing number every now and then. N short, this situation will spread the feeling of hatred on Muslim populations worldwide thus preventing Muslims to develop well (” Claustrophobia ‘explosion’ in I-J”, 2002) After all, Muslims need some strategies to enhance their quality of life in the global world.

As in the field of economics, Muslims should be able to convince the world of their capabilities in economic-based sector. One best example to support this idea is that, Muslims should be more competitive with the outside world. This perhaps can be portrayed through the high-quality products of local Muslim populations being exported all over the world. As a result to this, the world especially the Western will at least start to rethink of their bad perceptions given to Muslim communities. Besides, Muslim leaders should make ways for Muslims to be among the global economic competitors.

So that therespectand chances will help to build up and develop the whole country. This sector closely related to the achievement on the education and academic sector, where the people have to be educated to keep on producing the great, innovative and productive products and works in the global world. As for the education, the restriction is no longer relevant for Muslim immunities, since people are born to be developed with the knowledge they have. Plus, the restriction to gain education between genders should be vanished thus portraying men as being superior in all aspects of life than the women should be stopped.

This can be proven throughout several great of women in today’s world. Morocco can be considered as one among the other countries which realizes the importance of women’s contribution in education for the country. To support this, Morocco does encourage its women to become the religious leaders to guide the society through the service of personal counseling. In short, with this great alternative will actually acts as a medium to provide Muslims with a better chance of being educated thus to prepare living in a world of hightechnology(Sultan, 2012).

Muslim country has been figured as poor country among countries all over the world. So, in order to improve the level of current development of Muslim country, Muslims themselves need to strengthen the human resources that may indicate how strong they are to survive in global power economically. Teenage must be observed by their parents or guardians at the most of their activities. Teenagers with high exposure to immoral and unhealthy activities may have a higher tendency to get involved with the social problems.