Free essay on q: general question: how does this film predict todays rash of trash tv and shock-laden

The film Network (1973) which was directed by Sidney Lumet exposes the abuses and unfairness that exists in network television. This is true when we look at the character Howard Beale and the terms upon which he was fired. Also, the violent activities seen in the movie can be equated to what happens in Reality TV where dumb and violent actions are aired. This is what Americans want to watch just like Diana Christensen thinks.
Q: Who is the personification of Media Ownership and what actions does this character take to exemplify the strengths/failings in broadcast media?
Howard Beale best personifies the Media Ownership. He goes on to rant on air one may think he is the one who calls shorts around there. Q: In the film there is a group called the ” Eccumenical Liberation Army” that films itself pulling off bank robberies. How does this relate to today’s newsgathering techniques? How about TV programming?
In the movie Network, The Mao- Tse Tung Hour documents the ugly activities that the terrorist group is engaged in. Today, the very activities that the “ Ecumenical Liberation Army” did such as pulling off bank robberies can be seen in Reality TV and You Tube where one can find videos that have people committing crime and engaging in unacceptable and highly dangerous activities. Q: Based on your readings of Chapter 3, what is a real-world contemporary analogy of the CCA-UBS scenario in the film?
This can be equated to Disney getting possession of Pixar. Q: Can you think of a TV show that has realized, in essence, Diana’s visionary ” Death House” show that she describes as being a ” Great Sunday-night show that will wipe Disney right off the map?
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia best suits Diana’s visionary “ Death House” because in it, the gang talks about everything and anything and always bringing about awkward results. The gang also has some narcissistic points of view and this always gets them into trouble with the law, society and even family members.
Q: ” Americans have turned sullen and want someone to articulate their rage.” This is the role of Howard Beale in Network. Can you think of a real-life equivalent in modern America?
An equivalent of Beale can be seen in Glenn Beck who made intemperate utterances in his show. In fact he called President Barack Obama a racist something that is considered outrageous considering the times and the person that he was calling names.

BONUS QUESTION: In the ” Why Me Scene,” who is Howard Beale talking to? Literally? Figuratively?

In the “ Why Me Scene, Howard Beale is actually talking to himself literally yet figuratively talks to the American Media