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Following the filing of the complaint with the EEOC, the body will begin a fact-finding investigation of the organization and the human resource manager. In the course of the investigation, EEOC will ask the company to issue a statement to make its stand known on the matter; giving the firm a chance for defense and to go on record and state what they think happened in regards to the complaint logged. EEOC will further go ahead and sort the statement of the victim in an effort to try and unravel what truly unfolded. However, the EEOC will conduct a ground visit to the workplace to permit the body accelerate the fact-finding mission. EEOC will require the company to provide the contact information probable witnesses who might have been present. The interviews will be conducted with top level management employees, and the lower level employees get their account of the matter at hand and the possible fact that may aid the case (Angel, 2012).
After the conclusion of the investigation and analysis, the finding will prompt EEOC to take to take three steps. First it may determine that there is no reasonable grounds to necessitate a claim of discrimination or violation occurred and consequently will issue a Dismissal and Notice of rights that notify Ms Conrad she can further exercise her right to lodge a lawsuit in the federal court within the 90 days from the date of receiving the letter. If the body has realistic grounds to believe the offense transpired, it will write to the complainant and the organization a letter of determination and issue a notice called Reasonable Cause Finding. The notice is to welcome both parties to join the agency in finding the ways to remedy the issue through the informal settlement such as conciliation (” The Charge Handling Process,” n. d.). The agency can employ other informal methods such as conference and persuasion as require by law. If the above options don’t work, the last alternative will be to EEOC going forward and enforcing the contravention of its law by lodging a case in the federal court.


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