Expanding medicaid

Read the Kaiser Commission Paper ” Expanding Medicaid” in the articles section. Do you agree with the papers findings? Why? Look at the state examples in the paper. If you had your choice, what would be your recommendation to Colorado?
The Kaiser commission provides assessment of health care accessibility and cover in low earning population. Based on the Kaiser Commission paper, I totally agree with their findings on expanding Medicaid. The commission’s paper is very detailed with real illustrations drawn from reliable sources that not only make it credible, but believable as well. A closer look at the paper, reveal that it has not only forecasted the expected challenges but has also come up with relevant mitigations to counter the challenges; this therefore makes the paper practical and not theoretical like most commission papers.
Given a choice, I would advise the state of Colorado to take note of the expected challenges in implementing the program and come up with stringent measures to counter them in advance.
If chosen, I would recommend that Colorado State increases its efforts in enrolling childless adults in preparation for the implementation of the expanded Medicaid program. This is possible with the introduction of best practices in the enrolment process like simplifying it and engaging both community based organizations and providers to assist in enrolment. Sending clear messages about the eligibility of childless adults would ensure that they enroll a high number of childless adults. It is also advisable that, Colorado conducts marketing ventures to reach as many childless adults as possible.
Colorado should as well employ the lessons on how to deliver the best care for its population. For example by using managed care and connecting them to primary care givers to ensure successful implementation of the program.
Generally, it is recommended that Colorado prepares well for the expected challenges, create mechanisms to increase enrolments as well as employ lessons from the Kaiser commission to create successful implementation of the program.
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